Simple Laundry Basket Hack Saves Time At The Grocery Store

Let me ask you a question: Do you like grocery shopping? I have to admit, I do not. I mean, it's so time-consuming and tedious.

First, you have to pick up all your items. Then, you have to line up to check out, and then you have to bag it all up. Ugh! What if there was a quicker way to do that? As it turns out, there is now, thanks to one viral hack.

One guy posted a simple and pretty doable hack on TikTok.

Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

It will save you and me tons of time while grocery shopping. Do you want to know how you can do that? I knew you would say that, ha, ha!

Okay, let's go through the whole process together.

First thing's first, just do all your shopping as you would typically do it. Pick all your favorite groceries and place them in your cart. That's pretty simple enough. Are you with me so far?

Now it's time to go through the checkout.

Unfortunately, there's no trick to skipping the long line-ups. Sorry about that. Once it's your turn, put all your groceries on the conveyor belt as you always do, and pay for them when they have all been scanned.

Here's the kicker - don't bag your stuff.

Forget that whole step altogether, alright? Why? I'm going to tell you the reason for it in a minute or so. Come on! Try to be a little more patient with me, okay?

Instead, just throw all your stuff back in the cart.

Who needs to spend all that extra time bagging everything up, when all you're going to do when you get home is take all the stuff out of the bags? Duh!

Let all the other suckers waste their time, ha, ha!

Wheel your groceries back to your car. Open up your trunk, and voilà! Have two laundry baskets waiting for you there. Put all your stuff inside of these handy baskets.

When you get home, just grab the baskets and bring your groceries inside.

You just saved yourself some precious time, and you didn't even have to use plastic bags at all. I think your sanity and the environment will thank you for that.

Seriously, isn't this the easiest and most genius grocery shopping hack of them all?

A lot of folks online seem to think so, too. There have been lots of funny comments on this post. In fact, it has gotten about 3.1 million likes on TikTok so far. Wow!

Many users on TikTok said this is a great eco-friendly hack.

These laundry baskets can be used again and again, cutting down on unnecessary plastic bags. Plus, the baskets are easy to clean and disinfect after each shopping trip.

One user suggested bringing the baskets into the store.

That way, you can load them up directly at the check-out if you don't want to do that step in the parking lot. Smart!

Another user said people could even categorize the baskets.

Designate one basket for the pantry and one for the fridge/freezer to make unpacking even easier. Who knew such a simple hack could spark so many other great ideas?

So what's your take on this latest hack?

Is this an actual "hack," or is it just common sense? Ha, ha! Do you still bag your groceries when you shop? Or do you use some other technique to get the heck out of there the fastest? Let me know — I'm all ears.