16+ Things That Most Of Us Will Never See Up Close

February 5, 2021

When you think about it, there's more stuff out there that you'll never see in person than there is stuff you've seen because the world is a big place.

But thanks to the magic of photography and the internet, you can experience some of these things vicariously.

Too rich for my blood.

Reddit | Kran3lis

Most of us will never become billionaires, but here's what over a billion dollars worth of gold looks like in person.

Fluffy moth.

Reddit | nikan69

The aptly-named poodle moth is a pretty rare sight outside of Venezuela. It's kind of unnerving to see such lush fur on a winged insect.

It's a solid structure.

It's hard to even know what you're looking at here, but it's a legit structure that has a bunch of horizontal mirrors on it.

Sparkle sparkle.

Reddit | Stalwart9

This otherworldly-looking rock came from, well, another world. It's a space rock that's full of translucent crystals and nickel-iron.

Like a Slinky.

Reddit | funkyhairbeast

I don't know what might cause this icicle to spiral downward rather than being purely vertical, but it's a cool sight to see.

Those colors...


This cave inside Vatnajökull Glacier in Iceland doesn't even look like something from this world. Just look at the textures of the ice.

Wait a second.

Reddit | ThornTheDruid

This boat doesn't need to float on water when it can levitate in the air. I don't care if it's an optical illusion, it's still awesome.

The ship's a bit off course.

Reddit | premiere_lumiere

Some people use their artistic skills to paint paintings, others use them to fuse boats onto the corner of old buildings.

Breaking the universe.

Reddit | El-Sueco

We've all seen these impossible structures depicted in drawings, but here's one in real life. I need to see more angles.

Dream come true.

Reddit | rinkbgood

Cheese is serious business in the Netherlands, to the point that you can find vending machines stocked solely with cheese.

Watch out!

Reddit | staidplub

Don't worry, that rock isn't about to fall on the little raccoon. It's actually located some distance behind them, in the water.

Snail trail.

Reddit | Bastedo

I don't know what's going on in the snail world to cause this, but I can say with certainty that there are a lot of snails on this tree.

Very purple.

Mushrooms will never cease to amaze me. They can be any color and any size, and they might be very healthy or kill you instantly.

Good as gold.

Reddit | producejaunty

This gold certificate bill from 1928 is a rare find indeed. Twenty dollars in 1928 was the equivalent of about $300 today.

Jaw dropping.

Reddit | tilltheend0ftime

This magical scene in Norway is made even rarer by the fact that it was photographed in the dead of night.

Brace for impact.

Reddit | SaintSherwood

This is what it looks like when an 80mm rocket hits an aircraft. All things considered, the aircraft actually held up pretty well.

Very hip.

Reddit | soap_dirt

This is a hip replacement that was recovered from a crematorium. The textured surface is there to encourage bone growth.


I don't know how this car wound up in such a predicament, but I'm very glad that someone photographed it for posterity.