10+ TV Shows That Would Never Be Able To Get Made Today

Jordan Claes

TV is a reflection of the times. It can be hard to appreciate a show without the proper frame of reference — especially if you didn't live through it.

But have you ever watched an old re-run of classic TV and found yourself asking how the series ever got made at all? I know I have. So for a bit of fun, I've compiled these 10+ TV shows that would never be able to get made today.

1. Family Guy


Family Guy is one of the most offensive animated sitcoms that has ever been breathed into existence.

It's inherently racist and incredibly misogynistic when it comes to its portrayal of female characters. So much so that it was canceled — twice.

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2. The Simpsons

20th Century Fox

I still stand firm that The Simpsons is one of the most culturally impactful and important shows in TV history.

That said, one of its most endearing and long-running gags involves a father strangling the life out of his son. There's no way that would fly today.

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3. Unhappily Ever After

If you found Married...with Children offensive, just wait until you get a load of Unhappily Ever After.

This blatant ripoff was arguably even cruder and more inappropriate than its predecessor. How this show ever got made in the first place is beyond me.

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4. Sanford And Son

PITS Films

At the time, Sanford and Son was seen as an edgy, forward-thinking sitcom with its finger on the pulse.

In hindsight, it did little more than glorify racial stereotypes and make caricatures of Black people for predominantly White audiences.

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5. The Jeffersons

CBS via YouTube

The Jeffersons was a spin-off of the immensely popular All In The Family. When you compare the two, George Jefferson and Archie Bunker have a lot in common:

They're both loud, racist bigots who treat their wives in reprehensible fashion.

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6. Baywatch


There was only ever one reason that the majority of male-viewers in the '90s tuned-in to watch Baywatch: slow-motion running.

This show was a complete farce and only served to further perpetuate the idea that women and their bodies were something to be objectified.

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7. The Honeymooners


This picture should be all the reason you need as to why The Honeymooners would never get made today. Ralph's running joke was threatening to punch his wife in the face and to send her "to the moon!"

Ironically enough, this show was considered to be one of the most politically correct series of its time.

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8. Married...With Children


Do you remember the intro to Married...With Children? It began with Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) unbuttoning his pants and slowly sliding a hand into the front of his underwear.

This show was degrading toward women and set the ideals of fatherhood back four generations.

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9. The Dukes Of Hazzard


Do you happen to recall what was emblazoned upon the roof of the Hazzard's car, known as General Lee? A giant Confederate flag.

This show made no attempt whatsoever to hide its racist and hateful undertones.

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10. Entourage


Before the term 'toxic masculinity' came to be known, there was only Entrouage. This series idealized Peter Pan syndrome in grown men and boasted a cast of characters caught in a state of perpetual arrested development.

Don't even get me started on the abusive tendencies of one, Ari Gold.

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11. Taxi


It's somewhat sad to think how a show that launched the career of one of the world's most renowned comedians wouldn't have a snowball's chance of getting made today.

Andy Kaufman's Latka may have been funny at one point in time, but it isn't anymore.

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12. All In The Family


What was I just saying about George Jefferson being a loud and racist bigot? Where do you think he learned all that from — Archie Bunker!

Much of the dialogue from this classic sitcom would need to be censored if it were to air nowadays.

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13. South Park

Comedy Central)

I'm well aware that South Park is still on the air but that doesn't change the fact that it's easily the most offensive show of all time.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone make fun of everyone and everything. Their mantra is you can't be offensive if you offend everyone equally.

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14. The Office


It's no secret that Michael Scott is blatantly sexist and a fairly palpable bigot in his own right.

If you're familiar with the episode "Diversity Day" in season 1, then you'll know precisely what I'm referring to.

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15. Friends


I love Friends but even someone as devoted as I am can admit that the series falls victim to its time.

This show is filled to the brim with homophobic humor and openly mocks male sensitivity and feminity.

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