15+ Unexpected Things That Were Hiding Right Under Our Noses

You can never expect the unexpected, because if you did, that would make it expected. Sometimes, though, it boggles the mind how your brain can totally miss something the first time, and only take it in after some thought. Here are some unexpected sights that were basically hiding in plain sight.

Hidden shipwreck.

Reddit | Teth_1963

A quick glance at this and you'd probably think it was a small island. But if you squint, you can see that it's a shipwreck that's been taken over by greenery.

Tiniest oasis.

Reddit | Smiling_Fox

This little patch of heaven was actually found at a loading dock. I love how this mini oasis comes complete with a mini palm tree.


Reddit | DonPecz

This old cemetary in Poland has a statue of Jesus that's becoming more and more absorbed with every passing year.

Bumper crop.

Reddit | AmyKeepsBees

Banana Runts are a divisive candy. But if you're into the weird artificial banana flavor, you'd absolutely love this glitched bunch of Runts.

Which way does it flow?

This stream has frozen over with a delicate layer of ice, but you can still clearly see the pattern of the current.

Ancient communication.

Reddit | achillea666

This rock wall in Utah has tons of well-preserved petroglyphs dating back centuries. You can clearly tell what animals are being depicted.

Unsolicited wisdom.

Reddit | aeriose

This tiny tag on the inside of a shirt is designed, apparently, to give anybody who reads it a deep sense of existential angst.

Leaf of ice.

Reddit | el_gustavo_

I don't know if I'm more impressed by the size of the leaf that this formed on, or the fact that someone was able to remove the ice in one piece.


Reddit | KatzMwwow

We all know that food products need to specify when they're showing a zoomed-in version of themselves. But this one's really snarky about it.

The ice queen's gambit.

Reddit | ulvetid

This picturesque photo features something kind of unusual in the foreground: a bunch of icicles that look uncannily like a chess board.

I like the old one better.

Reddit | danthoms

You can see how much more ornate buildings looked back in the day when you peel back the modern brick facade.


Reddit | iklegemma

I've dug out my car from serious snowstorms more times than I count, but I've never encountered anything quite like this.

To infinity, and beyond.

Reddit | djfrisbee

I love this fun graffiti on an office wall. I've worked in offices before, and the fantasy of blasting out of there with a jetpack was always appealing.

It's the bracket key, brother.

Reddit | Daagen-Hozs

One person might look at this and see a regular key. Another might look at this and see Hulk Hogan himself.

Nobody reads them.

Reddit | hernannadal

This art exhibit shows just how many terms and conditions there are in the typical social media contract. It kind of gives me anxiety.


The withered thing on the left is a twenty-year-old banana that was forgotten in a coat pocket. That banana's practically old enough to go to a bar.

Snow rollers.

Reddit | lucifertangerine

It looks like a lot of people were building snowmen and gave up embarrassingly early, but this is actually a naturally occurring phenomenon.

I think it's expired.

Reddit | Ajamantium

This 1950s movie ticket was found in the walls of a house. It's interesting, but it should be noted that it's no good after September 30, 1958.

Secret railroad.

Reddit | lightylady

This modern house in Maine has an unusual feature: an old timey narrow-gauge railroad, complete with a vintage locomotive.

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