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15+ Clever Ideas That People Clearly Put A Lot Of Thought Into

Everyone has some random project, craft or life hack that they're especially proud of. In some cases, these feats would look sad to the rest of the world (you should see my rickety computer shelf).

But in other cases, these clever ideas are legit impressive.

Just one railing.

The railing, or bannister, of this staircase is one continuous piece of wood that zigzags its way through the various floors.

No more residue.

Reddit | cynbad719

This bookstore puts a little piece of paper under the price tags, which helps them come off more easily. Nothing ruins a book like the remnants of a "60% OFF" sticker.

Like a modern Babylon.

Reddit | GameSnake

These hanging gardens aren't in the Babylon of antiquity. They're actually in Singapore. It's hard to fathom how much planning and upkeep went into this project.

Keep it going.

Reddit | JamesPerrenoud

Two sisters have been sending each other the same greeting card for more than thirty years now. That's how you turn something that's normally trash into treasure.

Accessible for everybody.

Reddit | mariekebooysen

Playgrounds don't often have much that can be enjoyed by people in a wheelchair, but this playground has an accessible swing.

Tender tootsies.

The workers at an elephant rescue center in India wanted to do something to keep the elephants warm in chilly weather, so they knitted some clothes.

You got me.

It's nice to see that whoever puts together the crossword puzzle is having some fun with it, even if it means we all get RickRolled.

For those in need.

Reddit | 3askaryyy

This sleeping pod is equipped with thermal insulation and is designed to be a safe and warm place for homeless people to sleep.


It takes some next-level effort to start with a '70s van and end with the van from Scooby Doo. Heck, they even painted the hubcaps.

On brand.

Reddit | itsmeonmobile

Rather than actual steer skulls, this bike shop has decided to go with decor that makes a little more sense for their niche.


Reddit | BbutBisB

If you don't have a toaster, but want a grilled cheese sandwich, it's good to know that there are options available to you.

Oh, I get it.

Reddit | RobinDesvil

This copy of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury has been made to look burnt, which makes perfect sense if you've ever read it.

Sheepy warmth.

Reddit | doorgunner43

The operator of this garbage truck uses an old sheepskin to keep the back controls from freezing over during the winter months.

Outdoor time.

Reddit | icywoodz

This custom-made cat cage lets the kitty enjoy the fresh air without running away. This would be great for skittish cats.

Who needs defrost?

Reddit | EMF911

Usually, a car's defrost system does the job just fine. But if your defrost is faulty or just weak, here's an option.

Idiot proof.

If you don't know what colors work well with each other, this vintage tie has got you covered.

Copper protection.

Copper is better than most other metals when it comes to germ control, so this office has coated the door knobs with copper.

Peak gaming.

Reddit | Romie13

You can see how much work went into this custom coffee table, which transforms into a gaming station in an instant.

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