Island Community Works Together To Find Missing 14-Year-Old Dog

It's a beautiful thing when a community can come together for a loving and compassionate mission.

When one senior dog recently went missing for five days, every member of the Lopez Island, Washington, community decided to join the search and help reunite the older pup with his family.

Everyone on the island pitched in to find Sage.

According to KOMO News, 14-year-old Sage is a sweet golden retriever who suddenly went missing one day after becoming disoriented from a seizure. As any pet owner can imagine, it was devastating and terrifying situation for his human, Jane Albrecht.

Luckily, the island community banded together to help find Sage. But instead of just doing a simple neighborhood walkthrough, they drove all over the island, looking in every nook and cranny, and even kayaking, to try to find the senior pup.

This wasn't just a search, it was a mission.

Jasper Garratt l Unsplash

The five-day search required the collective efforts of the community as they used drones and double checked each and every area of the island.

After so much effort, things were beginning to look dismal.

Sage's health wasn't the best.

As an older dog, Sage has many health problems that could have made his likelihood of being alive even lower. Suffering from arthritis, an enlarged heart, arthritis, and seizures, he was already having a hard time.

Adding to the difficulty of finding Sage was the fact that this sweet boy also happens to be deaf, so he wouldn't be able to hear searchers as they called out his name.

On the fifth day, things finally turned around.

After many long days of looking, someone finally spotted Sage. He was found sitting on a rock surrounded by water. He could barely stand and appeared to have fallen.

Islanders grabbed their canoes and went to rescue Sage immediately. Jane posted a video to Facebook showing the wonderful moment her beloved dog was saved, and later shared an update letting everyone know he's now home resting "and enjoying his warm heated floors and cushy dog beds."

Without the collective effort of the community, Sage may not have made it home alive. Thankfully, he's surrounded by a group of wonderful people who are more than happy to lend a helping hand when one of their own is in need.

h/t: KOMO News