Quotes For People Who Could Use A Few More Driving Lessons

It would probably be a lie for any driver to claim that they've never made an embarrassing mistake behind the wheel, one which may have had a few other drivers questioning how they ever go their license in the first place.

Whether it's just an off day or it's every day, we've compiled some very fitting quotes for those of us who may just need one (or a dozen) more driving lessons before hitting the road again.

Sometimes the problem doesn't even make sense.

While each every driver has their own style and approach to driving, some people don't quite make sense.

Being a mindful driver isn't just about multitasking, it's about choosing the right things to multitask between, and sometimes, there are drivers that don't actually know which things those are.

We can only wish the best for the passengers.

There's always someone that tries to downplay their frightful driving skills by providing jokes or awkward giggles when things get kind of high-key treacherous.

Some passengers are silently praying they won't die during a quick trip to the grocery store while others are ready to demand to be dropped off at the nearest corner.

Some also like to play the blame game.

Some drivers are bad and won't admit it, but they know deep down that they would probably benefit from a few driving classes and maybe even some time management skills.

Unfortunately, there's always an audience to see bad drivers struggle.

There are few drivers who don't resent the frustration of parallel parking, especially when trying to do it in front of the judgmental eyes of fellow drivers and pedestrians.

It's especially daunting for people who... Well, let's just say they should probably hold off attempting such a park job until they've mastered some basic maneuvers.

Let us know in the comments if any of these quotes resonated with your driving skills or someone you know. Remember, there's no shame in getting a few driving lessons here and there.

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