Woman Shares Clever Jeans 'Cape' Hack To Find The Best Fit

I have to tell you, I have learned way more from TikTok than I'm comfortable admitting.

From shopping hacks to stock market tips, TikTok is THE place to be if you want to learn something new. For instance, do you not like trying on jeans? TikTok has a hack for that.

TikTok user @atyasmeengarcia posted a pretty innocent TikTok.

Clothing hacks! That's a pretty standard bit of Content with a capital "C" for the internet, you know? That's a classic, timeless topic that can be done over and over.

Ok, ok, interesting...

She said she found a way for you to determine your future pants fit without, you know, trying pants on.

Honestly, I'm in. Fitting rooms are just tiny trauma cubicles.

Hang on now.

So, instead of putting the pants on your body, you wrap the waist around your neck. If the two ends touch, they fit. If they don't, they're too small.

Your pants fit now!

This apparently uses the logic that your waist is twice the size of your neck.

I gotta tell you, as someone with a thickums waist, this hack is not gonna work on me.

Surprisingly, a lot of commenters said the hack totally worked.

It's especially handy during COVID, since people can't try on clothes. I'm not sure how much safer it is to hold up pants near your face, though, not gonna lie. Maybe rethink that one.

Some people have been doing it their whole lives.

So many people in the comments said that this was the standard for them growing up. Y'all's moms really taught you well, because I did not get that little hack passed down to me!

But if that tip doesn't work...

While the hack works for some people, it definitely doesn't for others. Luckily, queen Yasmeen had another hack up her sleeve (pant leg?) and it seems pretty solid.

Take a piece of yarn and wrap it around your waist.

Make sure to mark where the string meets itself! If you have wider hips, I'd recommend measuring both places.

Anyway, once you've finished wrapping yourself in yarn, head to the store.

Boom! No trying pants on!

Thread the string around the waist and see if it'll fit. If it doesn't, try the next size up or down. Yasmeen, I salute you for saving me from actual tears. You goddess!