Tour Of The 'Worst Apartment Ever' In New York City Goes Viral

If you've ever complained about the size of your apartment, this video might change your opinion. Why? Because you haven't seen small until you've laid your eyes on this tiny NYC apartment.

This place is so ridiculous it will make your current living situation seem like a palace. I kid you not. Check it out and see for yourself.

A TikTok account known as @newyorkcityrealtor recently shared what they called, "the worst apartment ever."

And you've got to see it to believe it. Seriously, you're going to be floored by the price of this place and what amenities it actually includes.

Okay, let's get into this place to see exactly why it got such a bad rap, ha, ha!

That's it, you guys. That's the entire apartment. As you guessed, it's just one room. VoilĂ ! All that for a cool $1650 per month!

WTF! I hear you — that's what I said, too!

$1650 for just one room? It's your living room, your kitchen, and your bedroom all in one. How do you like that? I mean, even for New York standards, this is pushing it, no?

Now here's the view of the kitchen.

And when I say kitchen, I mean just a tiny sink and a mini-fridge. There's no stove or proper refrigerator anywhere to be found here. So how do you cook your meals? Beats me!

But you haven't heard the worst of it yet.

This apartment doesn't have an en suite bathroom. Come again? Oh, yes! You need to walk out and go down the hall to use the toilet.

You're going to have to use this key to get into the toilet room with no sink.

Oh, come on, what a luxury, huh? And the kicker is it's a shared bathroom. So good luck if you ever get the runs, ha, ha!

And if you want to use the shower — you must share it with everyone in the complex.

Ah, what a lovely thought, isn't it? Especially now during COVID times? If that doesn't gross you out, I think you've got thicker skin than me.

People on TikTok are having a field day with this New York City apartment listing from hell.

The comments on this post are hilarious. It's no surprise this video now has 3.1 million likes. I honestly feel bad for anyone looking for a place to live in this city.

Get a load of these jokers.

But in all seriousness, they aren't that far off. I think one would be better off just renting a hotel instead of this shoebox with no bathroom. And if prison life sounds better than this, we've got big problems here.

I know NYC apartments are notorious for being very small, but still, this one seems just a tad outrageous.

Don't you think? I could deal with the small non-existent kitchen, but no bathroom, and I'm out. I'm not the sharing kind.

I guess this is what you can get in the most desirable neighborhood in New York City for that price, huh?

Call me crazy, but there's nothing I desire more than a little bit of space and some much-needed privacy.

If you're a germophobe and you're extra paranoid during the global pandemic, good luck to you.

Judging by this place, it may be the only thing available in NYC at this present moment, so you might need to rethink your priorities.

If your dream is to move to New York City, let this serve as a warning to you.

You may need to save for another year unless you're okay with sharing a bathroom with the rest of the complex. I draw the line there.

So are you surprised by this ridiculous New York apartment listing?

I know places in the Big Apple are very expensive, but this is pushing it a bit far for me. There is no way in the world I would pay what they're asking for here.