15+ Misfortunes That People Definitely Got A Story Out Of

They say everything happens for a reason and sometimes that reason is simply to have a story to make others laugh with in the future.

Well, the future is now, baby! So why don't we look at some misfortunes that people still managed to get a story out of.

"Ordered 6 bananas from Kroger click list, got 6 bunches."

The good news is you're going to be topped up on potassium for a while. Or you'll have a ton of banana bread.

"It snowed two feet overnight and this unlucky neighbour's car in the underground parking lot is next to a large grate."

This looks like an excellent argument to get a free month of parking. Having underground parking should protect you from the snow, after all.

"I had a gift card for a company, bought something and was left with less than a dollar so I added paper clips [...] They shipped them separate, paper clips came in this."

Even the cat knows that's bizarre. Or it's eyeing up the box to see if it's suitable for sitting. Maybe both.

"Ordered ‘add bananas’ and this is what I got."

Before anyone asks, no, there were no bananas inside either. Just that sad, lone crown atop the crepe.

"I got my diploma by mail yesterday..."

What's worse, your parcel being lost in the mail, or it showing up like this?

"A squirrel started its stash in the A/C of my car. This is what my father in law pulled out of the cabin filter..."

At least they're out! Better that a squirrel is out some dinner than you're out of a car.

"I’m reading a book on Forensics and it has a very realistic image of a fly on every page."

The only possible explanation I found for this was some sort of copyright protection, certain copies having things like this so if it got leaked they'd know who did it.

But that seems more appropriate for classified documents and not a public book that anyone can own.

"Inherited a storeroom like this when I took my position as IT Officer, boss wants it tidied. [...] wish me luck."

My only advice is to film it. Then, when you're done, you can make a time lapse. It'll be sooo satisfying.

"The glass on the bottom of this wine bottle popped off cleanly after I took out the cork."

At least this is the perfect excuse to open a second bottle! Maybe do it outside this time, just in case.

"Before Christmas I was referred to an ENT due to mystery sinus pain that didn't go away with antibiotics, a month later at the dentist and turns out its been my wisdom teeth the whole time."

Just looking at those two bottom wisdom teeth has me hurting. I hope you enjoy soup, that's all you'll be able to eat for a bit!

"This person’s bag left out on the tarmac."

It looks so...sad. So lonely. Longing for its owner, who's now in distant skies. Be brave little one, you'll be reunited one day.

"Won’t be playing guitar for a while. Turned on the wrong burner and then grabbed a metal bowl that was sitting above the flame. Ouch."

Fingertip blisters are a special type of hell I'd never considered before. I'll be watching my stove burners even more carefully now.

"Roommate came home with new plates and the bottom of the box ripped open seconds after he stepped inside. One bowl survived."

On the bright side, you now have the world's strongest bowl.

"Tree branch decided to [hit] my apartment and my apartment alone. Management says we are out of an apartment for at least two weeks."

The amount of stress this photo gives me is astronomical. Please move that monitor, quickly, I'm on the edge of my seat here!

"[Shelves] broke and took down his entire Lego Collection with it."

If he had fun building them the first time, here's hoping he does a second time as well!

"Finished shoveling the sidewalk this morning when the plow decided to make one more pass about 2 minutes after I was done and completely covered everything I just finished."

Snowplows are truly a blessing for the roads, but a curse for the sidewalks. There has to be a better way.

"I had been self conscious about this mole my whole life. Decided to get it removed. I now have a scar that looks exactly the same."

With a scar, you at least have the opportunity to come up with a fun story for it! Let your imagination run wild, no one can prove you wrong!

"The plumber left me with this awesome little window so I can keep a close eye on my hair conditioner while laying in bed."

All conditioner thieves better watch out, this person now has a top-tier hair product security system in place.

"Bought a new lock for my mom because she locked her keys in her locker. This is how she got the keys off of the key ring."

The misfortune here is that your mother thinks this is okay. She thinks this is acceptable.

"My popcorn got stuck so I tried buying the chip bags on the top to knock it all down and got this."

A true comedy of errors, this happened after the machine continuously detected that the bag got stuck.

It then prompted the uploader to pick another product, then those bags got stuck, creating this beautiful arch of sadness.

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