Fans Are Concerned After Jinger Duggar Posts 'Exhausted' Selfie

If you're a fan of the hit TLC show Counting On, you know that Jinger Duggar and her hubby Jeremy Vuolo are one of the most beloved couples in the ultra-conservative Duggar family.

The pair have maintained a close relationship with Jinger's followers on Instagram, so when the young mom posted a selfie recently, fans got concerned.

Being a parent isn't easy. I know, right? Have I won an award for the most obvious statement of all time?

However, being a parent amidst a global pandemic is even harder than usual.

In an effort to cheer up her fans, Jinger Duggar has kept her folowers updated with her family's day-to-day life via social media.

With 1.4 million followers on Instagram, Jinger's every move is watched closely.

So when the 27 year old posted a seemingly harmless selfie, some followers began to worry about the young mom and her well-being.

"Happy Thursday," Jinger captioned the selfie.

She then posted the bible verse Psalm 118:24.

The comments section quickly became flooded with comments of concern for Jinger.

"You look great but exhausted, girl, give the kids to Daddy, make use of that big bathtub, throw in a bath bomb, sip on hot chocolate, relax, read, have some 'you' time," wrote one fan.

"Looking tired girl. Take care of yourself," posted another.

"are you ok? You look like you’ve been crying... or maybe you’re just a tired mama - either way; sending positive thoughts and prayers your way," remarked a different user.

We hope Jinger is okay and staying strong during these challenging times!