10+ Celebrity Cameos In Famous TV Shows Fans Almost Missed

Sarah Kester 4 Feb 2021

Celeb cameos are everything.

We love seeing different worlds colliding, and it's always fun to learn what shows celebs are fans of.

But with so much happening in an episode, it can be easy to forget — or even miss — some of these appearances.

With that being said, here are 10+ celeb cameos in famous TV shows fans almost missed.

1. Michelle Obama - Parks and Recreation

[NBC via YouTube] (

While Barack was in the White House, Michelle was busy making a cameo on Parks and Recreation as the National Parks Conference keynote speaker.

No surprise here: Amy Poehler's politically-driven character Leslie attached to the former First Lady right away.

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2. Rihanna - Bates Motel

[A&E via YouTube] (

Rihanna re-entered Disturbia when she took a role as Marion Crane in the horror drama.

In the movie, Psycho, her character was murdered, but in the TV version, her lover Sam Loomis is Norman's victim.

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3. Britney Spears - Sabrina the Teenage Witch

ABC via YouTube] (

The star made an appearance as herself in the former hit show. She gets zapped into Zelda and Hilda’s living room by Sabrina’s father.

Melissa Joan Hart, who plays Sabrina, also had a cameo in one of Britney's music videos.

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4. Prince - New Girl

[FOX via YouTube] (

When the show's lead, Zooey Deschanel, heard of Prince’s cameo, she had a similar reaction to fans: she thought it was too good to be true.

But to everyone's surprise, Prince was a fan of the show and actually showed up.

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5. Tom Brady - Living With Yourself


The show's writer, Timothy Greenberg, had his mind set on the NFL star making an appearance in the sci-fi comedy.

Luckily, Brady was already interested in playing alongside Paul Rudd. Six weeks after he won the Super Bowl, he got to work.

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6. Shawn Mendes - The 100

[CBS via YouTube] (

The young pop superstar made an appearance in the third season of one of his favorite shows.

He starred as Macallan, the “scrappy young Ark survivor” known to get himself in heaps of danger.

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7. Judge Judy - SNL

Giphy | Saturday Night Live

Court was in session when Judy appeared as herself in an ongoing gag of her being impersonated by actress/comedian, Cheri Oteri.

In an ET Canada interview, she revealed that the appearance was quite “stressful” and that she is “really not a good actress."

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8. Carrie Fisher & James Earl Jones - Big Bang Theory

[CBS via YouTube] (

The late actress entered a galaxy far, far away in a cameo on The Big Bang Theory, alongside Darth Vader's James Earl Jones.

Sheldon and Jones are playing a doorbell prank on Carrie Fisher when the unamused Fisher comes out with a baseball bat in her nightgown.

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9. Stephen King - Sons of Anarchy

[FX via YouTube] (

The best-selling horror author appears in Sons of Anarchy as the character Bachman.

His character's name is actually based on his own pen-name, Richard Bachman. While he likes to act, King told The Guardian that he doesn’t think he is too good at it.

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10. Conan O'Brien - The Office


It's one of the most hilarious episodes.

When Michael Scott is in New York City and goes chasing after someone who he believes is Tina Fey, he misses another celeb sighting: Cohen. He walks right past Michael, which obviously upsets him.

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11. Elon Musk - The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory cast members must have been salivating over the genius Elon Musk making his appearance as himself on the show.

He plays a Thanksgiving volunteer who gets demoted to doing the dishes next to Howard after being too generous with the gravy.

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12. Victoria Beckham - Ugly Betty


The '90s pop singer brought the spice to the show as the bridesmaid of Ugly Betty’s antagonist, Wilhelmina.

The star “had a blast” dancing on tables at an after-party and making £70,000 for the on-screen appearance.

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13. Drew Carey - Community

Giphy | Mashable

The price must have been right to have Carey cameo as Ted, the head of a law firm.

Some fans were confused over the hole in his character's hand, though. It still doesn't make sense.

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14. Stevie Wonder - The Cosby Show

NBC via YouTube] (

It’s been almost 25 years since Stevie Wonder made his appearance in the episode, "A Touch of Wonder."

It's been called “the single most influential moment in the history of hip-hop” by The Roots famous drummer, Questlove.

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15. Sean Penn - Friends


Penn played Eric, the man who falls in love with Phoebe’s sister.

But after only two episodes, Penn was deemed a “deer in the headlight” by show director Kevin S. Bright and was never seen on the series again.

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16. Ricky Gervais - The Office

Giphy | Stan.

Gervais makes a reappearance as David Brent, the character from the original U.K. version of the hit show.

He and Michael Scott bonding over a “that’s what she said” joke made for quite the epic cameo.

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17. Christopher Reeve - Smallville

[Warner Bros. via YouTube] (

The late iconic Superman actor found himself in familiar territory when starring alongside a younger Clark Kent, played by Tom Welling.

He played a scientist named Dr. Swann who gives young Kent information about his past and future.

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18. Johnny Depp - The Walking Dead


The star made a cameo on the show in quite the unconventional way.

Executive producer and make-up supervisor, Greg Nicotero, modeled a zombie head after Johnny Depp and used it as a prop. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, still has it!

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19. Taylor Swift - New Girl


As a fan of the show, T-Swift enjoyed playing the short but impactful role of Shivrang’s ex, Elaine.

After Shivrang calls off his wedding to Cece, the two are free to run off together.

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