12+ Pics That Convinced Us The Power Of Makeup Is Real

I don't know if I ever told you, but I suck at applying makeup, ha, ha! It's sad but true.

So whenever I see amazing transformations makeup artists have done for their clients, my mind is blown away. The following pictures are perfect examples of what makeup can do to change a person's look.

Check them out and let me know your favorites.

1. This Clean-Up Job

Wow, let's talk about this dramatic before and after. This lady's skin looks so polished and flawless here. You would have never guessed she had skin troubles when you look at this stunning "after" look. Am I right?

2. This Gorgeous Look

This is the kind of makeup I would enjoy. If you're starting to get a bit tired of your look, I bet you would love a makeover like this too, huh? I can't believe how different she looks now!

3. This Beautiful Makeover

Aww, look at how beautiful this lady looks now. I love the transformation of her face here. Her skin is so smooth and clear. She looks like she's enjoying this fresh-faced look, too.

4. This 'Pow' Look

When I gaze upon this lady's face, all I can think of is "pow." Her new style suits her so much more here. Look at all that confidence this brand new look brought upon her? Isn't it amazing?

5. This Double-Take

Oh my goodness, are my eyes playing tricks on me? This gentleman transformed himself into a gorgeous woman here. Doesn't he look absolutely fabulous or what? Man, I wish I had makeup skills like he does, hee, hee!

6. This Stunning Beauty

This lady already looked so pretty in her "before" photo. But now, after an amazing makeup application, her stunning beauty really shines through. I bet she's thrilled with her new look here. I know I would be.

7. This Cosplay Queen

Let's talk about a transformation extraordinaire, shall we? This lady looks like a cosplay queen to me. What do you think? Are you digging her amazing look here, too? I'm impressed with her makeup skills for real.

8. This Fresh Face

Whether you are looking to step up your makeup game or just need a pick me up, this look speaks volumes here. This lady looks so ready to get on with her day and go for the gold.

9. These Eyes

Wow, I love how this lady's eyes just pop here. It's quite a difference from what she looked like before, huh? I wish I was that good and doing eye makeup myself. That's one area I need to work on, I admit.

10. This Gorgeous Smile

It's no wonder this lady is smiling from cheek to cheek. I would be, too, if somebody did my makeup like this. What a great way to take on a new day. Don't you think so?

11. This Absolute Bombshell

If you ever wanted to look like a bombshell, I'm here to tell you it's possible. Look at this lady, for example. She went from looking plain and simple to "wow" in just a few minutes.

12. This Glam Look

I definitely like to go makeup-free most days. But isn't it so fun to get all dressed up and glam yourself up, too? This pretty lady looks like she's having fun with this polished look.

13. The Power Of Red

If you can pull off a red lip like this lady, I truly envy you. I can never wear red lipstick quite like this. It has to do with my naturally pink lips, I guess.

I'm truly amazed at what makeup can do for a person when applied with a skillful hand.

I wish I had skills like these folks here. Are you as impressed with these looks as I am? Which one blew you away the most?

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