13+ Times People Hid Jokes In Plain Sight

Day-to-day life can occasionally get a little repetitive and, dare I say, boring. However, there are some people out there who make it their life's mission to spice up the world around us.

So, from giant shoe houses to incredibly insensitive restaurant names, here are 14+ times people hid jokes in plain sight!

"Cure for long Zoom meetings!"

Someone also suggested that you should shout "Ow, hot!" after the first sip. However, the main thing you need to keep an eye out for is the development of red wine lips!

"At my local Securlock!"

I find that I am more in the shape of a butternut squash, although I understand this person's pain.

"Instead of manually cleaning your keys, use a powered key cleaner."

The amazing results that this key cleaner will give you will be nothing short of shocking!

"Ain't it true for most of us, honey!"

This is actually what I used to write on job applications. I think prospective employers really appreciate honesty! Didn't do me much good when I applied for that modeling agency though.

"The good old days!"

"It appears to be the ruins of some ancient, lost civilization! What a find!"

"Dude, it's a Blockbuster old are you?"

"Try not to step on the flours..."

A lot of people with big dogs knead somewhere to take their dogs, so it's good that this park is looking out for the big dogs out there!

"So it would seem..."

Legend has it that every bottle of sweet and sour sauce across the globe is filled from this, the font of all things sweet and sour.

"The brand who shall not be named!"

I'd probably rather have a Lord Voldemort jacket than a Louis Vuitton one. I mean, the Lord Voldemort one can probably do something trippy like bring you back to life or something.

"Modify your online workout by turning it off..."

I am that out of shape at the moment that I don't even think I could think about doing a "plank" without vomiting, never mind actually attempt one.

"I wanted to see a film at the cinema, but this works too I guess..."

I suppose that it counts as supporting the arts? Well, not really, but I'm sure that won't stop people from taking advantage of this offer.

"Take away in Cape Town, SA."

Marlin is looking far too happy for someone whose only kid has just been deep-fried, served with some fries, and devoured with some tartar sauce.

Goodwill To All!

The lack of apostrophe is absolutely outrageous, that would put me off donating here full stop. Well, that fact, I'm not going to get into that here.

"This house is only one foot long!"

If you lived in this house and wanted to build an extension, would you make this shoe bigger or turn it into a pair?

"Whittling knife came with three bandages..."

"Look, we're not saying that you are definitely going to cut yourself, but, maybe you should be prepared for the inevitable reality of you cutting yourself."

"Our security is the best in the city!"

"You've been here for 30 years now, George, is there anything we can do for you?"

"Maybe another bit of cardboard to completely box me in?"

"You got it!"

"They're dreaming."

What do you think that grass would dream about? Maybe even smaller blades of grass, and then those smaller blades of grass are dreaming about even smaller blades of grass, and those blades of grass are dreaming about clowns chasing them around with chainsaws.

"How to live to be 100!"

"So, how do I live to be 99? Should I also be careful up until then?"

"Nah, the opposite actually, be as dangerous as you can!"


"Meh, I don't care, just do what you want."

"I burned my hand cooking, then made it look better! I call him, 'Ryan Goose-ling.'"

Well, now all I can picture is Blade Runner 2049 with a goose in place of Ryan Gosling, honking its way through the story.

"Got some snow. My dog wasn't a fan."

This owner went on to say that the snow was past their Chihuahua's belly in some parts, but it looks like the dog didn't even get to those parts!

"I suppose you're all wondering, why I have gathered you here today."

This looks like Yorkshire's answer to the sermon on the mount. I wonder what he is saying, blessed are the cheesemakers presumably?

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