15+ People Who Should Get An Award For Their Creativity

This little planet of ours is full of creative, ingenious souls who love to flex their creative muscles wherever they can.

And so, from ingeniously sarcastic menu items to the single most dangerous, if technically useful, BBQ setup of all time, please enjoy these 15+ people who should get an award for their creativity!

This Pub's "Girlfriend" Special On The Menu...

It is always worth getting an extra side of fries when eating with a partner anyway. Don't ask them if they want their own fries as they'll say no, just get them and they'll eat them.

"Please do not feed the animals."

Well, it is as the old adage goes: If you give a man some food, then he will eat for a day, but if you give him a cell phone, he'll be ordering Uber Eats for the rest of his life.

"Crossed paths with an absolute genius on my way back from work the other day. Humanity still has hope, guys."

Driving under the influence of alcohol is obviously a terrible thing, but what about driving from on top of the influence of alcohol? I need a lawyer to weigh in here.

"Let's make some lyrics!"

Didn't Gaston die by falling off a roof in the film? Christ, it's been so long since I last saw it I genuinely cannot remember. I might have to go and watch Beauty And The Beast, back in a second.

"Cat wouldn't stop pooping in the bathtub, had to get creative."

Nothing quite like a giant Wizard Of Oz-style face to put your cat off the idea of pooping in the bathtub. I like that they also picked a cat that looks strangely disappointed for the curtain!

"Our librarian put this sign up. When asked why, she said she likes making fun of us."

I always used to like being alone on Valentine's Day when I was younger. Well, by "like" I mean that I didn't have a choice but had to try and remain unfeasibly positive, or else face the crushing reality of my situation.

"Here's another recreation. Title: joos Van der Burch and Saint Simon of Jerusalem, 1493."

You have to respect anyone who dedicates that much time to such a needless goal! Also, I absolutely love how in character the dog looks. So serious!

"My cat tries so hard, but it's always so difficult to figure out what he wants."

What a happy little accident! Actually, this cat looks more angry right here than the real Bob Ross ever looked in his entire painting career!

"Burned my hand cooking, made it look better! I call him, Ryan 'Goose-ling.'"

Someone already pointed out that they should have called it Fry-an Gosling, and I am furious that they beat me to it.

"This truck has a jellyfish launcher."

I always wanted a car that could fire jellyfish, although the jellyfish cannon add-on feature for my car was a fortune. Also, it costs too much to keep it stocked with fresh jellyfish.

"Somebody returned this person's dog poop."

I love the idea of someone returning someone's abandoned dog poop to them in such a strange manner, but I also think that maybe the person who owns this car simply did this as a way to get their dog's poop to a bin at home without stinking out their car?


It probably isn't the answer that they wanted, but there is no way that the teacher can't mark this as a right answer, that's for sure!

"They don't judge!"

Sometimes you just really need a drink and will go to any lengths to get it. I'd probably only stoop that low if that bowl was full of free champagne, but whatever.

"My boyfriend's aunt commissioned her coworker to do a family portrait for her mother. 6 months & $50 later...worth it."

That is definitely $50 well spent! I feel like this is one of those paintings that is actually quite close to being good, but is just not quite there. I love it though, regardless.

"Adding googly eyes to falconry hoods makes them 100% better."

Those hoods are supposed to calm the birds down I believe? However, if this bird knew it was being mocked like this, I reckon it would be furious!

"The condescending warning label on these snowboarding gloves."

A lot of parents shared their experiences with their kids doing dangerous things with plastic bags, with one writing, "I'll never forget when my 2-yr-old came running into the room with a plastic grocery bag over his whole head because it turns out 2-yr-olds need to be told not to wrap their heads in plastic, and my son thought he had a hilarious costume that would delight me."

"Modern pandemics require modern solutions."

And if you're thinking to yourself, "But, isn't that a little dangerous?" Well, no. It is incredibly dangerous!

"A misspelling so bad that I had to Google it just to make sure it wasn't a real word I've never heard of."

"Incanvices" sounds like a word that a dentist would make up as a bogus tooth condition to extort more money out of their clients.

"I annoy my wife by doing this every time she posts a landscape photo."

I don't see how. You're just improving the scenery, really.

"Grandparents corner at my son’s 3rd birthday party..."

No matter the circumstances, the grandparents' corner is a universal constant.

"Future me is gonna have a heart attack when he opens up the attic."

He looks pretty friendly! After locking him up there for who knows how long, he'll probably just be happy to see you. No need to be scared!

"Tuner on a budget."

Surely we can all agree that the most impressive detail here is the paint job! Just stunning.

"Whittling knife came with three bandages..."

Only three? That's a lot of faith you're putting in your customers, whittling knife company.

"[What] kinda penguins are they teaching my son about at preschool??"

Oh, you haven't heard? The penguin evolution rate has skyrocketed. Now they have four legs and laser eyes.

"Opened 2 cookies to see if it would change. Needless to say, I didn’t not expect that."

Wait, does the second one mean you'll get another thing you weren't expecting? Or is it working retroactively? This is too paradoxical, just throw them both out.

"Good will?"

This isn't a suggestion. It's a command.

Donate your ex's stuff, or Goodwill will come take them.

True To Form.

"No, no, it's not a production error, it's for authenticity!"

"404 Error."

It's never the wrong time of year to learn how to get out of putting up Christmas decorations!

"AA meeting."

Some jokes you just have to sigh at, shake your head, and move on.

"Homeless man in SD, California."

Nothing worse than being stranded on another planet when your spaceship breaks down! AA needs to get to work on establishing an intergalactic service.


That sure is one word for whatever's going on here, yeah!

"Canadian parking enforcement doesn't mess around."

A lot of people were surprisingly on the side of the parking enforcement officer, with one irate person adding, "I have a neighbour who ignores the no overnight parking regulations, so the snow plow swings a wide arc around him and I end up with an unplowed road in front of my driveway. I wish our parking enforcement would give him a ticket."

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