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Pickley The Cat Was Born With The Most Beautiful Emerald-Green Eyes

Pickley is no ordinary cat. Well, not while he's awake, anyway.

If you catch him lying in a deliciously warm sunbeam with his eyes closed, napping the afternoon away, you might assume he's just another adorable kitty. But as soon as he lays those stunning, emerald-green peepers on you, you'll realize just how extraordinary this particular feline really is.

And you'll immediately want to see more of him. But thankfully, he has his own Instagram page to keep all the Pickley fans satisfied.

Pickley's family first discovered him at an animal shelter and were immediately mesmerized by the green-eyed boy.

"While all the other cats were playing, he wouldn’t stop staring at us through the glass," his owner told Cats on Catnip. "It felt like he chose us."

Nowadays, Pickley still doesn't have to do much to capture people's hearts. In fact, all he really needs to do is flash them a glimpse of his emerald-like eyes, and he's instantly won them over.

His family confirmed he's not just a pretty kitty — he's also an absolute sweetheart.

"He tries to be independent, but he’s the most needy cat in the world," they said, adding that while he certainly has a heart of gold, he's also been known to be a bit mischievous.

"He loves knocking lamps and really anything onto the ground," they admitted. "He once killed a butterfly, but he definitely felt bad about it."

In case you haven't guessed already, Pickley's favorite color just happens to be (what else?) *green*.

Indeed, this beautiful boy is always sporting the official color of Emerald City, whether that be through his cat harness, his toys, or the handsome little green bowtie he likes to sport in so many of his Instagram posts.

In his Instagram bio, he's described as being both "sour and sweet", which may very well be where the name "Pickley" came from.

That or, you know, his green eyes.

If you want to keep up with this beautiful kitty, make sure to drop a follow on his Instagram page where you can join more than 20,000 other people who simply can't get enough of this green-eyed beauty.

h/t: Cats on Catnip