10+ Times Movies And Shows Gave Us Unrealistic Ideas About Life

Jordan Claes 1 Feb 2021

One of the greatest things that movies and TV offer audiences are an avenue for escape. You can drift away and be whoever you want to be, often in 30 minutes or less.

However, there are those moments where TV and film do us a disservice by creating completely and totally unrealistic expectations. Have a look and check out these 10+ times movies and shows gave us unrealistic ideas about life.

1. Your toys don't really come alive when you leave the room like the do in Toy Story.


Trust me, I've done everything you can imagine to try and prove otherwise. I'd even burst into my own bedroom unexpectedly just to see if I could catch my Batman figurines slacking.

Sadly, it never happened.

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2. Homeward Bound made us think that our pets could understand us.


The first time my family and I had to put our dog in the kennel after watching Homeward Bound, I was an emotional wreck.

I was convinced he thought I was abandoning him and that he'd break free to come and search for me.

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3. High school dances are nothing like they appear to be in She's All That.

Where do these schools get the money for this kind of stuff? And how does everyone know this dance routine?

I thought that my first high school dance was going to be an ode to Dionysian excess. I couldn't have been more wrong.

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4. The Notebook will ruin love and relationships for anyone who watches it.


The Notebook conveys love in its Platonic or perfect form. In reality, it simply doesn't exist.

Also, Noah writing Allie for a year without response isn't romantic — it's creepy.

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5. No child would dare speak to their mother the way Kevin does in Home Alone.

20th Century Fox

Kevin is sarcastic, defiant, and flat out ballsy for an 8-year-old kid. I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if I ever had the gall to call my mother a "dummy," I'd have gotten punished right away.

Don't use Kevin as a role model, kids.

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6. Back To The Future Part II convinced us that we'd all have flying cars by the year 2015.

Universal Pictures

You completely set me up for failure, Back to the Future Part 2! Not only did we not have flying cars in 2015 but Hoverboards are still nonexistent as well.

Why did you have to tease us like that?

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7. Workaholics makes life in a call center seem fun.

Giphy | Comedy Central

I've had the displeasure of working in a call center and let me tell you: Anders, Blake, and Adam would have been fired on day 1.

Everything is metric-driven; you either sink or swim. There's no way you can get away with the kind of lovable hi-jinks these three get away with.

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8. Richie Rich made us all think that it was possible to have a McDonald's restaurant in your home.

Warner Bros.

Richie's toys were out of this world, but the piece de resistance was undoubtedly the pop-up Micky D's!

Can you imagine having access to an unlimited supply of Big Macs?! I'm loving it.

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9. Californication would lead you to believe that people actually care about authors.


We're supposed to believe that just because Hank wrote one book a million years ago, that all of these young and insanely beautiful women have both read his novel, and know what he looks like?

I'm going to call bull on that one. Authors aren't rockstars, believe me on this one.

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10. No man would willingly choose to freeze to death the way Jack did in Titanic.


Are you freaking kidding me? Jack is just content to bob there like a top and freeze to death?

If it was me, I would have been shouting "move over, woman!" That door was clearly big enough for both of them, and the sacrifice just seems trite.

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11. Carl's house wouldn't fly with that many balloons like it did in the movie Up.


Don't hear what I'm not saying. It isn't impossible to fly a house with helium balloons, you'd just need a whole lot more.

Scientists calculate that it would take roughly 100,000 lbs of helium in order to lift a house from its foundation.

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12. The life of a New York City police officer isn't all sunshine and rainbows like they portray it on Brooklyn 99.

Giphy | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

If you grew up watching Brooklyn 99, you might have a slightly slanted perspective on what the life of an NYPD officer entails.

It isn't all Halloween heists and gimmickry. It's dangerous, depressing, and incredibly challenging.

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13. Kick-Ass tried to convey the message that anyone can be a superhero.


Which is such a dangerous and stupid idea when you really stop to think about it. Remember people, Batman doesn't exist. That's why it doesn't hurt him when he falls off a building.

If anyone tried to behave in the manner Kick-Ass does, they'd be liable to get their asses kicked.

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14. The Big Bang Theory is in a hot dense state when it comes to their portrayals of friendship.


If you're a Sheldon sympathizer, you might also be under the convoluted notion that you can treat others horribly and somehow still be able to call them "friend" when all is said and done.

You can't act like a selfish psychotic ass in real life and get away with it.

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15. Friends set horribly unrealistic expectations about the cost of living in New York City.


Do you know what the average cost of rent would be for Phoebe's apartment? Roughly $5000 USD a month.

Phoebe must give one hell of a massage in order to afford the rent.

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