These Botanical Tattoos Are Delicate And Decorative

Pis Saro is a Russian tattoo artist who has been traveling the world sharing her unique and delicate tattoo style. She specializes in dreamy botanical pieces that look like something out of a fairy tale or an old beautiful book on the science of flowers.

She uses real-life pieces of nature to inspire the work she tattoos on her clients, so each piece is as unique as the flowers and plants that inspire them. The pieces range from tiny and delicate to large and powerful.

Take a look at some of her work here:

Abstract Art

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

Tattoos really are art pieces in and of themselves, and this one totally proves that.

A Bow And Arrow Even Cupid Would Be Jealous Of

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

This is such a creative take on a classic bow and arrow design.

It's so delicate!

Spine Of Leaves

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

Pissaro turned this woman's spine into a branch of leaves.

So pretty!

Unique Symmetry

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

This is a great idea for those who need symmetry, but want something a little different.

Spinal Realism

Instagram | @pissaro_tattoo

This tattoo seriously looks like the real thing. I would be fooled, for sure!

Pissaro isn't the only artist who tattoos brilliant botanical beauties.

Instagram | @primanzini

The placement of these lilies is perfect.

Lovely Floral Lady

Instagram | @actuallyinked

Do you ever feel like you love flowers so much you wish you were one?

Magnificent Monstera

Instagram |

Monsteras, or "Swiss cheese plants," have become pretty popular over the years.

They're pretty easy to care for and make for awesome Instagram photo props.

Geometric Borders

Instagram | @mattanatattoo

Sometimes a plain flower isn't enough. Geometric borders are a great way to create depth and a way to bring the whole tattoo together.

Floating Flowers

Instagram |

These tiny flowers look like they're floating across her chest. What a neat idea!

Sisterly Flower Love

Instagram | @djwtattoos

This is a great idea for a sister or BFF tattoo. You both share half of the bundle!


Instagram | @toreynicole.tattoos

This is such a neat way to combine the beauty of nature!

Houseplant Parent

Instagram | @tommyguntattoo

You gotta show your love to all your favorite houseplants.

I love the minimal illustration!

Delicate Leaves

Instagram |

This delicate stem of leaves perfectly traces this person's collarbone. Such a neat way to highlight it!

Fit For A Frame

Instagram | @picsola

This watercolor bundle of colorful flowers looks like it's ready to be framed! The detail is incredible.