TV Shows With Tiny Continuity Errors Fans Almost Didn't Catch

Continuity is an important thing to consider when it comes to crafting a successful TV show. Attention to detail is the pinnacle, but sometimes even the best shows make mistakes.

That's why I've set out to compile the best examples of TV shows with tiny continuity errors fans almost didn't catch. This isn't meant to condemn, but rather celebrate and offer a new perspective on our favorite shows.

Whatever happened to Judy Winslow?

The last time we ever see Judy is when she's the flower girl in the episode "Mama's Wedding."

After that, she completely disappears and the Winslows pretend as if they only had two kids.

The interior of Jay and Gloria's house in *Modern Family* changes after episode 1.


Did Jay and Gloria move after the pilot episode and not tell anyone? Did they have to film in a neighbors house because their home was being fumigated?

Something's up because that staircase is non-existent for the rest of the series.

Rachel and Chandler have technically met four different times.


Not only have they met on four different occasions, but somehow they keep on managing to forget all about it!

It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Do these two have selective amnesia?

Isn't Jess claustrophobic in *New Girl*?


Early on Jess explains to Nick that she's so claustrophobic that she "might die" from the anxiety of being stuck in a closet.

How is it then that three episodes later, she finds herself hiding in one with Schmidt? And what about in the image above where she seems to be happily sitting beside Cece?

Junior year on *The O.C.* happens twice.

Yeah, that's a pretty big "whoops" if you ask me. I'm not saying that the kids from The OC were necessarily the brightest bunch, but there was certainly nothing that I could see that would warrant them repeating a grade.

The Starbucks coffee cup on *Game Of Thrones*.


I think we can all agree that the show writers and producers of Game of Thrones had all but stopped caring by the time that the final season rolled around.

How else do you explain such a flagrant misstep?

There are 5 Christmas episodes in *That 70s Show*.

Keep in mind that the series is called That 70s Show and when season 1 premiered, the timeline was supposed to be the fall of 1976.

How do you manage to squeeze five Christmases into four years?

Why would Marshall say he's never been in a fight before in *How I Met your Mother*?


In the first season of HIMYM, Marshall confronts a man whom he believes is hitting on Lily. After Lily explains the situation, Marshall exhales in relief saying "I've never actually been in a fight before."

Umm, yes he has? What about all those wrestling matches with his brothers?

Mandy Milkovich was replaced after season 1 of *Shameless*.

In season 1 of Shameless, Mandy was played by Jane Levy. From season two onward, Emma Greenwell played the part.

I personally think both actresses did a fantastic job. Mandy is a highlight character of the entire series.

Donna's younger sister Tina completely vanishes from existence.


Tina is mentioned early on in the series and makes one cameo appearance. After that, not only is she never seen again but Donna is referred to as an only child.

On *The Office*, who started at Dunder Mifflin first: Jim or Pam?

In season 2's "The Client," Jim asks Pam "do you remember what you said to me on my first day of work?"

Four episodes later in "The Secret" Jim explains to Pam that he used to have a crush on her when she first started at Dunder Mifflin.

So which one is it?

There's a picture of Maggie hanging in the living room.


Can someone please explain to me how there can be a picture of Maggie hanging on the wall above the desk when Marge is still clearly pregnant with her?

What's worse is it's a picture of Maggie when she's a toddler.

Roose Bolton's chainmail appears out of nowhere.

When the camera first pans to Roose Bolton's hand laying on the table, there's nothing sticking out whatsoever.

All of a sudden, when it breaks away and shifts back, there's a piece of chainmail showing that wasn't there before.

How did Jake manage to grow a mustache in *Brooklyn 99*?


Pretty much up until the show's 7th season it had been a running joke that Jake couldn't grow so much as a mustache.

How on earth does he manage to grow such a full (albeit patchy) beard in prison?

Jess in *New Girl* doesn't have any lenses in her glasses.


This just bugs me! I get that the light reflects when you're filming but sometimes you need to pick a lane.

Either put the lenses in and deal with it or just don't have Jess wear glasses at all.