Quotes For Anyone Who's Ever Dealt With A Teenager

I'll be honest, I'm terrified of teenagers, so even just the thought of raising one has me saying, "Nope, no thank you."

But I know that one day I'll almost certainly end up with a teen under my roof, rolling their eyes when I ask them to help me in the kitchen, making fun of me for not being able to use "simple" technology, and telling me how much they hate me while simultaneously eating all the food I buy.

If you have ever, or currently find yourself dealing with someone who's around this pleasant age, you have my sympathy. And now you also have some quotes to help you deal with that pain.

Suspicious. Very suspicious.

I feel like most parents would assess this scene exactly how they would if they looked out the window one day and saw a whole herd of pigs flying through the air, snouts and all, like bizarre, oinking birds.

You'd feel disbelief for sure, probably some confusion, and maybe even a little bit of sick intrigue. Like... Okay, it's already happening. Let's see where this goes.

Seriously, how hard is it to just put on a jacket?

I'm not sure what it is about some teenagers that makes them think they're somehow too cool for body warmth, but I've seen a lot of teens opt to go jacketless when the weather is definitely not on their side with that one.

But whatever, live your life, I guess.

And then they get mad when you're suspicious of what they have on there.

Look, if you don't want your parents to freak out about what they think you're trying to keep secret on your phone, maybe don't act like you have a secret.

If you're snatching your iPhone out of their hands like you're afraid they might see that photo of the Holy Grail's exact location in your gallery app, or spy the text Elvis Presley sent you last week letting you know he's definitely still alive, you're not allowed to be mad when they question you.

The most amazing part? All that's from just one meal.

The most terrible part? You found it all underneath their bed, and each dish has its own mystery mold growing on it, and now you have to decide whether it's worth soaking, washing, and disinfecting everything, or if you should just throw it all away.