16+ Pictures That Show What Happens When Nature Comes To Us

January 27, 2021

It's easy to forget that we all live in nature. Even though we may be surrounded by concrete and manufactured goods, nature is always on the fringes, slowly encroaching on us.

If you've ever needed a reminder of nature's all-powerful...uh,'ll want to check out these pics.

When the ships are gone.

Reddit | rockystl

This is Imari Kawanami Shipyard in Japan. Things looked more gray and industrial back in the day, but now it's becoming reclaimed by nature.

Reach the light.

Reddit | runswithjello

This abandoned silo is playing host to a tree — a tree that can't really afford to grow any low branches in the confined space.

Nice gear.

Reddit | PixelPark00

This fox looks like it knows more about photography (and has much nicer gear) than I do. That's kind of depressing.

Choo choo.

Reddit | spacejockey8

Train tracks are built to last, which means that they often remain long after the last train has moved on.

Unnatural island.

Reddit | ethan_kahn

The wreck of the SS City of Adelaide has sprouted so many trees that it almost looks like an island from the air.

Hide and seek.

Reddit | Splicani_

Just imagine looking out your back window and seeing dolphins playing hide and seek with people in boats.

Built to last.

Reddit | Quercus_petreaus

This croft in the Scottish Highlands doesn't look like it's been inhabited in a long time, but stone buildings are super resilient.

Don't get too close.

Reddit | OpulentWolf223

These are kinda-sorta functional cars, but no one wants to get within miles of them. Why? They're tainted by radiation from the Fukushima disaster.

Bending nature.

This tribe in India makes bridges out of living ficus tree roots. Naturally, it takes awhile to build these bridges, because they're not really built at all — they're grown.

*Jaws theme intensifies*.

Reddit | AtomicCypher

Flooding along Australia's Gold Coast has caused some unusual sights, such as the unsettling appearance of a bull shark in someone's backyard.

Trees on trees.

Reddit | Wiktor_Goya

We humans can cut down all the trees we want, but it isn't going to stop new trees from sprouting in the strangest places.


Reddit | jumbo04

It's incredible how much a little leafy tree coverage can change the appearance of a building that was once bustling with people.

Urban nature takeover.

Reddit | flavya

Sometimes nature encroaches on civilization in full-on urban areas. All it takes is letting a building go untouched for awhile.

Going up?

Reddit | bhavjotpahuja

I'm honestly amazed at how green and lush this photo is. Who knew escalators were teeming with such natural beauty?

Look close.

It's hard to see because it's so well camouflaged against the snow, but there's a little white stoat here — right in the heart of the city.


Reddit | luxmargaret

It always blows my mind how trees can grow over and around just about anything, including seemingly permanent installations like fire hydrants.

Smoothed over.

Reddit | RNA4lyfe

This brick wall has been battered and smoothed out by water for so long that it looks more like a stone than anything.

Squirrel snuggles.

Reddit | 0luc

I'm guessing there's a bit of residual heat emanating from this window, which might explain why this adorable squirrel family is nesting here.