16+ Pics That Are Kinda Messing With Our Heads

January 27, 2021

Some folks don't like it when a pic messes with their head. But if you change your focus a bit, it's actually a good thing. It helps keep your brain honest, and working through the steps (after the initial weird-out period, of course) can be helpful.

Oddly familiar.

This is a 7-Eleven location without any signage or stock. It's like seeing a convenience store without any clothes on.

Alluring apple.

Reddit | Randall_Flaggg

An apple a day is supposed to keep the doctor away, but a trippy apple a day is more likely to blow your mind every day.

How far we've come.

Reddit | Babi_Cakes

You're looking at two meat thermometers from the same company. The only difference is that they were manufactured a few decades apart.

Like father, like son.

Sometimes, all you need to see a family resemblance is an appendage. Just check out the unusual gap between the big toe and other toes on this dad and his newborn.

All the colors of the rainbow.

Reddit | kendahlj

On one hand, I love the visual effect of these board games. On the other hand, I'm so distracted by the pretty colors that it would be hard to pick one.

Mega minifigure.

Reddit | Prismeou

This is an orthodontist's chair, but I would absolutely swear that it was a gigantic Lego minifigure lounging in a seat.

Old meets new.

Reddit | Wacokidwilder

This newly-renovated library includes a fairly unique feature: the exterior of the old library, which has now moved inside.

The whole life cycle.

Reddit | AnnaBanana3468

If you know anything about frogs, you probably know that they come from tadpoles. Apparently this applies to gummy frogs as well.


Reddit | the_ju66ernaut

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. The letters on this label are indeed coming loose and moving all over the place.

Grapes find a way.

Reddit | SkiSiWow

I don't know what causes grapes to get so long that they look like miniature eggplants, but it means more bang for your grape-buying dollar.

Seen from the air.

Reddit | Edobardo

One of the more underrated ways to view aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights, is from the comfort of a plane.

Do a kickflip.

Reddit | Soup_Boyo

It's just a tar stain on a curb, but it looks a lot like Bigfoot doing a rad skateboard trick.

Highly localized.

Reddit | Mooshroom_stew

You can see a clear dividing line between the area that got doused by rain and the part that stayed mostly dry.

How wood that happen?

Reddit | crazytalk86

This is an unusual way for wood to split, but when you look at the perfect rings surrounding the central knot, it kind of makes sense.

Yes please.

Reddit | Mikooolaid

The elevator at this grocery store has a hands-free button-pressing system. This is way more hygienic than pressing the buttons directly, and would be super convenient if your hands were full.


Reddit | IansjonesPGH

Blur your eyes a bit and this looks a lot like a napping baby elephant. But no, it's actually a dog's butt.

If you have the coin...

Reddit | hwg3141

This Roman coin is an 1,800 years old. What's it depict? The god Jupiter riding a goat, of course.

A can made of glass.

Reddit | The_Nintendude64

Surprisingly, or maybe unsurprisingly, this Coke can-themed glass holds exactly one can's worth of Coke (but not a single drop more).

Stealth risotto.

Reddit | Big_R_ster

This mushroom risotto looks completely identical to the countertop it sits on, right down to the random darker patterns.

Same size.

Reddit | yoshiplace

These climbing and hiking shoes are actually the same size. You can see the same thing with skates and regular shoes.