14+ Dogs Who Definitely Know More Than We Think They Do

Dogs can be pretty damn goofy from time to time. However, there are also some dogs that are tactical masterminds...sort of.

From dogs disguising themselves as ducks to dogs who really hate Jimmy Fallon and aren't afraid to show it, here are 14+ dogs who definitely know more than we think they do.


"Bark bark bark...errm, I mean, quack quack quack!"

"Truly, you are a tactical mastermind."

"I think my dog is planning an escape. I found his shiv."

"This is for all those times you threw a fake tennis ball, you lanky git!"

*Barking and shivving sounds...

"The inside of my dog's ear looks a bit like Trump's profile."

This dog could get a job on SNL doing impersonations of Trump with an ear like that! They could give Alec Baldwin a run for his money.

"My husband and I are traveling with our baby, cat, and dog. We stopped at a hotel for the night to get some rest, and I couldn't find my dog. I look around and see this."

That dog knows that, really, he is at the top of the priority list in this family!

"My dog is very old now and she gets all tuckered out on my parents bought her a bag to sit in."

This dog has mastered the art of getting other people to carry her around, genius. The person who posted this also added, "I promise she was happier than she looks in this photo."

"There used to be a bed in there..."

This dog clearly realizes that this was a mistake now, judging from the thousand yard stare on its face. However, it will get a new bed at the very least!

"My friend works for the USPS. This is her service dog and best friend, Herschel the Postal Pup. He takes his job very seriously!"

The best way to get more information on your arch nemesis is to infiltrate their organization, and that's just what Herschel has done!

That Water Is Meant To Be For Everyone!

Another person whose dog doesn't respect the communal water bowls added, "My dog LOVES to pee in communal water bowls. It's his absolute favorite thing to do, he will do it again and again every single time the water is refreshed [and] this is why we don't go to dog-friendly bars together anymore."

"I just want to poop in peace..."

This little fella is probably just getting payback for all of the times that he hasn't been able to poop in peace as you've been lurking around!

"My dog escaped. Showed up at the front door with unopened nachos."

You know that someone nearby is missing their nachos and currently screaming about the incompetence of Door Dash.

"The way this dog is looking at Jimmy Fallon. They got beef."

More like Jimmy Fallin' out with dogs, am I right?

(Okay, wow, that was a new low. I can't apologize enough for that, I won't let it happen again...probably.)

"My neighbors do this thing where they leave the window open every morning so their dog can sit on the roof and people watch."

It looks like he is judging everyone who is walking by their house! I'm not sure if I could live next door to this place under that constantly judgmental gaze!

"Local dog looking for a home, also looks tired of your nonsense."

I feel like this dog is looking at every prospective owner and saying, "If you're planning on dressing me up for Instagram, move along."

"Hunting dog for sale."

Maybe this dog doesn't want to be a hunting dog, and wants to help the local birds to get away? Don't force her to be something she doesn't want to be! She's a lover, not a fighter.

No Dogs!

And yet, all I'm getting from this dog's expression is, "Jeez, get a load of the guy wearing Crocs! How embarrassing!"

"Naming your pets honestly."

By this logic, I should have named my dog "Poops-a-Crapton."

"Guess what just got chewed by the dog."

Maybe this dog is just a big fan of bitter things! I bet this dog loves strong coffee!

"The dog I'm dogsitting looks exactly like her food."

This dog has clearly figured out that if she makes herself look like the dog on the bag then maybe she, too, will be full of food!

"I just admire his courage."

I cannot imagine how shocked the person in the other car must have been. One second they were happily eating their chicken and the next there was a dog flying through the window and wrestling it out of their hands!

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