Quotes For People Who Are Technically Always 'Carb Loading'

All true foodies know that it's all about having a see-food diet — as in, we see delicious food and we eat it.

Honestly, that's the best diet that lets us love our meals without the nightmarishness of some very hangry days.

In honor of giving our bodies the kind of "diets" they deserve, we've compiled some quotes that not only speak to our happy stomachs, but also to our sweet souls.

We stopped reading after seeing that it's healthy to eat pasta every day.

This sounds pretty legit to us, so please, no need to do any fact-checking.

Really, please don't.

The only veggies we need are our pizza toppings.

Pizza has tomato sauce, the crust is made with eggs, and there are many vegetable toppings — so it's basically a farm fresh salad anyway.

Cake is always the answer.

It's ten times harder to even look at salad when you know there's homemade cake with frosting and several layers that's somehow always there winking at you in your imagination.

It may make you realize life's too short to ugly cry in a salad and just enjoy your life with a giant slice or two of cake instead.

Let us know in the comments if these quotes speak to your stomach like it does for ours.

No carbs? I don't know... How about *all the carbs* instead.

You try giving up fresh baked bread and creamy pasta and delicious pastries and then tell me how good a "no carb diet" is for you.

All I'm saying is since I've been letting myself go nuts on carbs, I haven't been hangry at all. Not once. Explain that to me.