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This Cat With A Permanent Case Of The Mondays Is All Of Us Before Coffee

Amy Pilkington 26 Jan 2021

It might be the fact that I was online before my coffee finished brewing today, but when I saw a pic of this Persian kitty named Barnaby, I felt seen.

I mean, has there ever been a cat who more perfectly personified that Monday-morning feeling like Barnaby does?

It's not just his heavy-lidded thousand-yard stare, either.

Though his exhausted visage is very #relatable for me.

It's the hair do that really sells the overall "case of the Mondays" feel.

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According to Barnaby's human, his visage pretty much gives you the gist of his personality.

His mom told Bored Panda that he's very reserved and prefers to be alone.

Petting is only allowed on his schedule and must be worked in around his roughly 20-hours of naps per day.

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That's it, Barnaby is officially the patronus of Mondays everywhere.

Still, even though he's spoiled AF and forces his humans to sit on the floor rather than disrupt his nap on one of their chairs, they still love him to pieces.

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Last year, they brought another cat into the family and Barnaby wasn't particularly welcoming.

Judging by his habits, my assumption is that he simply looked at the other cat and then went right back to napping.

But judging by some of his recent videos, Barnaby seems to be warming up to her — insomuch as Barnaby can.

If you'd like to follow him, you can do so on Instagram @barnaby_persian.

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