18+ Times We Thought No One Would Notice If We Broke A Few Rules

This world is full of people who are just natural born rulebreakers! They're the sorts of people who take more than one free sample...unbelievable rebels.

So, with this in mind, please enjoy feasting your pesky eyes on these 14+ times we thought no one would notice if we broke a few rules!

"Money well spent!"

Sometimes being a deaf bird has its advantages. This little guy gets a nice and extremely private spot for his nest for instance!

The PS5 Doubles As The World's Most Expensive Kids Notepad!

"Hey, Dad, do you like my drawings? Dad? Mom, why is Daddy crying?"

"He just...loves your artwork so much!"

Thug Life!

Firstly, I had no idea that turtles were such incredible climbers! Secondly, what a badass turtle!

"Attended a wedding yesterday. Tried to grab a picture of the Bride and Groom. The result was not disappointing."

And to think that this couple had specified "No hotdog costumes!" on the wedding invite! What an outrageous disregard for the rules from this hotdogger!

"The owner's son at my work, takes up two spaces in employee parking, closest to the employee entrance, EVERYDAY."

I'm actually allergic to getting up earlier than necessary, but I'd overcome it to get there early as hell and take one of those spaces and do this asshat's head in.

You Doubt That My Name Is "Deluxe Sausage"?

"The name's Shaushage. Deluxe Shaushage."

" it isn't."

"Yesh, yesh it ish."

And So, His Descent Into A Life Of Anarchy Begins...

Either those train tracks are particularly small or this is the biggest baby to ever walk the earth!

"Wife asked me to take some pictures with my new selfie stick throughout the day!"

I would be so proud of myself if I had pulled off a dad joke that was this incredibly dad-jokey!

We're Gonna Rock Down To...

I wonder how long this would be up before you saw some kid trying to charge their phone in it?

"Canadian parking enforcement doesn't mess around."

"So, are you going to give him a ticket or not?"

"I'm trying, it's taking me ages to get to the windshield, get me a kettle of hot water for God's sake!"

A Risk Worth Taking?

In fairness, I have been doing this for a while and I haven't had many disasters. Although, I pretty much only own black t-shirts which may have something to do with it.

True Anarchy!

But what if I want to question why I should be questioning the idea of questioning everything in the first place. Or, what if I want to question the idea of questioning why I should be questioning the idea of questioning everything in the first place? Hold up, I need to go lie down.

"My daughter's job only allows black pants and no rips. Her normal pair was still in the washer so she hacked it. Will it work?"

I mean, they still look pretty damn ripped to me, but you kind of have to admire the commitment to the work around!

"Keep doing it comrade!"

It probably wouldn't be that hard to figure out who is doing it, just keep an ear out for the cubicle that is blasting "The Internationale" all day.

Following Rules Can Be Hard For Some People!

This is just an update of the classic, "I can't read so this sign doesn't apply to me!" tactic.

"Colonel ordered me not to pet her, I rescued her anyway."

In response to whether this person got into trouble for this clandestine rescue, they responded, "Negative, I was [discreet]—mostly. After taking her to a vet and foster family, I put up a flyer in the HQ asking for a permanent family. The flyer was torn down by someone but not before a captain contacted me to take her."

"It's a dog eat no dogs sign world!"

I wish that I could live life with such carefree abandon as this rebel. This damn dog is an inspiration to all of us!

"There's always a loophole."

"Hey guys, always remember to correctly hyphenate!"

"Wow, thanks, Hyphenation Man. So, can you help with the monster destroying the city, or..."

"Oooooh, that's gonna be a hard no! But, if he needs some lessons on hyphens, give me a ring!"


"It knows no limits! Tree consumes metal sign on hiking trail."

All I can hear when I look at this is the sound of the Cookie Monster going, "Om nom nom nom nom!"

"Guess what just got chewed by the dog."

You need to strike your enemy where it really hurts. This person's dog is clearly a tactical mastermind.

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