16+ Times People Put In 300% Effort

It can be hard to stand out and make your mark in this world, and to do so can require really giving your all!

From people who put far too much time and effort into statues that are less than perfect, to people who went to bizarre lengths to hide CCTV cameras in plain sight, here are 16+ times people put in 300% effort!

"I made my friend a campfire cake for her birthday but the more I look at it, the more it looks like a flaming pile of turds."

Look, who wouldn't want a cake that looks like a pile of fiery poop?! I mean, so long as it doesn't taste like what it looks like...

"This horse statue near my town looks like Jar Jar Binks mid-sneeze..."

Maybe it was meant to be a statue of Jar Jar Binks sneezing? Maybe that's just what this town is into! Don't be so judgmental, everyone has their own thing!

Interesting Angle To Take.

I suppose that taking your dog for a poop is kind of like emptying out the contents of your vacuum now that I think about it.

"Here's a recreation that my dog Finn and I have done...enjoy!"

Guido Reni's "Salome With the Head of John the Baptist" has never looked better in my opinion! Congrats on improving a masterpiece!

Never Pass Out At A Party...

It might be daft as hell, but that didn't stop these people from giving it their all. They really nailed it!

Gotta Try And Get People's Attention Somehow!

Some people take to Tinder in their desperation for a date, other people use more ingenious and off-the-wall methods!

"It was my coworker's birthday yesterday, I got her this."

The little caveat at the bottom is a delightful addition. I like that Logan reserves the right to not fulfill the terms of this card if he just can't be arsed to do so.

"This note from my brother to my parents in 1995."

This kid really tried his best to convey the fact that he was running away. However, the person who posted this said of their brother, "[He] never left the house. [He] was hiding in the closet."

"Used to pay my rent to my roommate in a funny way each month. One month I went to the bank and got it all in ones."

That is a lot of effort to go to in order to piss off your roommate beyond all belief — as well as pissing off your bank teller at the same time!

"My local zoo gets it."

I like what they're doing here, but I feel like I would really want more than 40 feet between me and the nearest tiger at all times.

"Aquarium Installs Sushi Roll Cylinders For Eels To Slide Into."

I'm torn between finding this really cute and incredibly bleak as they happily sit in a container designed with their own destruction in mind. Happy Monday!

"Well-hidden peepers!"

"Wow, that poster of Mark is really weird, it looks like its eyes are following me around the room! Wait a second..."

"My parents' neighbour wrote 'LOVE THE EARTH' on his land in rocks. There was a very fortunate storm last night..."

Well, farts are part of the earth, so they're still loving the earth. I'd be giving that house a wide berth, though, regardless.

Taco Bell Isn't Holding Anything Back!

"Here at Taco Bell we really want every member of staff to feel valued and listened to."

"Oh, wow, what a lovely sentiment to..."

"Psych! Just kidding you little git!"

"Back to the drawing board I guess..."

This could be an improvement on what it was like before though! I'm really trying to find the silver lining here.

"Canadian parking enforcement doesn't mess around!"

As someone who lives somewhere that doesn't get much snow, I cannot fathom even seeing this much snow, never mind having to work in it!

"Homeless man in SD, California!"

Well, don't just stand there taking photos of the man, get him whatever parts he needs!

"I'll tell you, just leave me alone."

This photo has the same energy as a Renaissance painting about vengeance. That cat's anger is righteous.

"Spelling mistake leads to time displacement in a [sushi] bar."

"Man, the website said they were still in this dimension. These continuums are taking restaurants left and right."

"Evidently my package was delivered by Disney animals."

And look at how perfectly it was placed, they all deserve a raise!


First the cone, now this, when will his suffering end?

"Needless to say, I stopped."

Does the claw have its own legal juristiction, or is it threatening me?

"Do you think my work will notice that I got a stand in for my zoom calls?"

They'll notice, but whether or not they'll mind is a different question. He looks like a great addition to the team!

"After 30 years, I have finally found it."

Truly the biggest tourist spot in the state. Why would you want to visit anywhere else?

"Doesn't matter how badass it is, a Pooh plush is a Pooh plush."

You're never too tough for a comfort plush. That's just a necessity of life!

"My Dad in law invented this hummingbird helmet. He calls the feeder in the back 'The Tickler'."

Good thing the invention is so cool to make up for that naming choice.

No Dogs!

They should have a "no crocs!" sign up instead. Crocs are infinitely more annoying than dogs!

"There was flooding where I live recently. Ironic."

Sure it flooded, but they seem pretty excited about it!

"A procrastination display."

[My thoughts and opinions on this library's procrastination display will be inserted soon...]

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