Sorry, Everyone, But Ryan Reynolds Just Won The Bernie Meme

The best part of any huge event that the whole world watches is definitely the memes, right? Yeah, of course, it's cool to watch award shows or presidential inaugurations for the global impact or whatever, but the best part is always seeing what funny moments or pictures the world is going to latch onto.

This week, it's Bernie Sanders' turn!

On January 20, President Joe Biden was officially sworn in at the inauguration ceremony.

There were tons of headlines about the day, from Lady Gaga's outfit to Jennifer Lopez' performance of "This Land Is Your Land."

But the real spotlight-stealer was Bernie Sanders when a photo of him sitting in a chair looking a bit grumpy caught the attention of the internet at large.

Fans were quick to photoshop Bernie into tons of new locations.

Honestly, he fits in pretty much all of them!

I think he looks how my parents used to when they were watching my soccer matches as kids, only a lot more cold — didn't anyone bring a blanket for Bernie?!

The memes were hilarious.

In space nobody can hear you scream, but I bet that in space you CAN hear Bernie once again asking you for his financial support.

Some people went with a punny approach.

Don't ask him how he got those scars!

Seriously, the creativity behind all the memes was inspiring, not to mention the actual ability to create it in Photoshop and have it look as good as these ones do!

Other memes came from when Bernie was photographed looking intently at his phone.

Sure, he was probably just taking a video or a picture of the historical event happening around him, but people liked to imagine that what he was actually looking at on his phone was a lot more interesting.

People couldn't get enough of Bernie.

The fact that he showed up with a manila envelope also made it seem like he was just stopping by on the way to the post office, and who knows? Maybe he was! Bernie is a busy guy, after all.

Whatever the reason, people loved seeing Bernie sitting out there.

There were countless iterations of the meme flying around as fast as people could make them, trying to capitalize off of it in a timely manner, and so many of them were absolutely hilarious.

However, Ryan Reynolds' contribution to the meme put everyone to shame.

Ryan shared this photograph to his Instagram page showcasing Bernie sitting next to Deadpool on the bridge in the famous scene from the movie.

Do I smell a Bernie cameo in Deadpool 3?!

"Haters gonna say it’s photoshopped," joked one fan in the comments.

"Best hero/sidekick combo ever. You of course being the sidekick," another added. "Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait," wrote another.

There's just no beating Ryan Reynolds when it comes to the meme game!

Although Jason Momoa came in a close second.

Jason combined his classic already-a-meme gif of himself dramatically flinging down a lawn chair from The Game and added Bernie sitting in that chair for a hilarious combination.

Something tells me Jason could probably lift Bernie about that easily too!

What do you think?

Did Ryan Reynolds officially take the Bernie meme crown? Is Jason Momoa perhaps sitting on the throne next to Bernie? Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!