Reporters Name The Most Down-To-Earth Celebrities In Hollywood

Sarah Kester

Celebs get a bad rep for being mean and unapproachable.

While that is true for some — just check out these stories of celebs who were rude to their fans — it's not the same for everyone.

There are some celebs who are so sweet, they've gained a reputation for this among fans and reporters.

Here are 10+ of these gems.

1. Gina Rodriguez

The actress shares the same sweetness as her Jane the Virgin character.

When a fan asked to borrow her 2015 Golden Globes dress for their prom, she proved to be quite the fairy godmother as she happily obliged.

2. George Clooney


This handsome actor brings joy whenever he goes.

In 2015, he visited a cafe in Edinburgh that helps the homeless. While there, he bought a coffee, took photos with the workers, and donated £1,000 to their cause.

3. John Travolta

Pat Gallagher, an entertainment journalist, wrote that the actor once made five minutes of small talk with him at a VIP reception.

"Do you have any idea how many times superstars make idle chit-chat with 'small-time' reporters at any event? I’m guessing... never."

4. Ryan Gosling

Forget tackling a superhero role in the movies — the actor is a hero in real life.

He proved this when he once saved a woman in NYC traffic from being hit by a taxi.

In addition to humans, he loves animals too, as the actor has a long history of advocating for animal rights.

Giphy | Golden Globes

This all started in 2003 when he took time out of his busy schedule to write a letter to KFC on behalf of PETA.

5. Tom Cruise


Say what you will about Tom Cruise, but you can't deny that he's an overall nice guy.

When reporter Pat Gallagher was desperate to get a question, the Top Gun actor didn't shrug him off like other celebs do.

Instead, he gave Pat his full attention.


After the reporter asked him what food he would miss most on earth if he were in space for three months, he said, “That’s a GREAT question."

Then, "as he flashed those beautiful pearly whites at me, he politely answered: 'Ice cream.'"

6. Taylor Swift

If there are two things Taylor loves, it's her cats and her fans.

She has been known to host listening parties for her the latter, offer them advice, and even send them gifts. She once sent money to a fan to pay off their student loans.

7. Hugh Jackman

Without a doubt, Hugh is one of the nicest — and most normal — celebs in Hollywood.

He's married to someone much older than him, he adopted his children, and he even used to work as a teacher.

The actor even had the sweetest response to being called one of the nicest celebs in Hollywood.

"I suppose I just try to think of the word 'respectful' when I talk to people and be mindful of what it’s like in other people’s shoes no matter where you are," he told an Australian publication.

8. Tom Hanks

You can probably tell just by looking at him that Tom is one of the nicest celebs around.

This has even become a fact amongst reporters. "I’ve heard that the Forrest Gump actor is one of the nicest people on planet earth," wrote Gallagher.

9. Emma Watson

As an appointed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, it’s safe to say that Emma brings magic to the world.

The activist has brought much light to the "Good On You' campaign, which helps consumers be informed on ethically produced clothes and the environmental impact.

10. Billy Crystal

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

The actor is a true professional, even when he's extremely tired.

This was proven in 1987 when reporter Pat booked him for an entertainment show on NBC’s local O&O station in Washington, D.C. At first, he tried to back out since he was exhausted.

But after Pat went to extreme measures to get him there, Billy Crystal showed up to the studio.

Giphy | The Academy Awards

Even while tired, he was ready to perform.

"Crystal was not only polite and gracious, he was, by far, the funniest man I’ve ever talked to in my life."

11. Ed Sheeran

You can probably tell from his soft voice and soft-hearted lyrics that Ed is a total sweetheart.

He has appeared on Seseme Street before, teaching kids how to behave nicely to others. That's just the tip of the iceberg.

He once helped a fan propose to his girlfriend who was battling brain cancer.

He did so by playing "Thinking Out Loud" for the special moment and even gifting them with front-row tickets to his concert.

12. Billy Bob Thorton


Don't let the actor's rough exterior fool you.

He's a total softie on the inside, according to Gallagher who once had to inform the actor that their 30-minute interview never recorded.

Instead of getting mad, he said, "let's start over."

13. Keanu Reeves

We have this article, Literally Just A Ton Of Posts About Keanu Reeves To Make 2020 A Little More Bearable for a reason: Keanu is the best.

From riding the subway to giving his money to those in need to posing respectfully with women in photos, how could you not love him?

14. Steve Carrell


And now, we bring you to the actor who has been called "the nicest guy in Hollywood" more times to even count.

Jon Stewart, who gave Carell his big break in 1999, once summed up the actor perfectly. "Comedy can be relatively dark, but what was surprising with Steve was the kindness at the heart of darkness."

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