15+ Pics Taken Just Before Things Went Wrong

We use photographs to immortalize the moments we'd like to remember. Sometimes, though, everything goes wrong just as the camera's shutter does its thing.

The subjects of some of these pics might not want to remember these moments but they've been captured for posterity regardless.

Slip slidin' away.

Reddit | amfree88

If you've ever been fishing, you know that fish can be slippery little guys. This guy learned that the hard way.

Drop kick.

Reddit | hauntcircus

Things are moving so fast that it's hard to make out, but I'll fill you in: A big rooster is drop-kicking a poor toddler to the ground.

Cats, man.

Reddit | ohcarroll

She just wanted a selfie. Her cat just wanted to bite her for no reason. At least they both got what they wanted.


As a Froot Loops man, I always thought toucans were friendly birds. I guess I'll have to re-assess that impression.


Reddit | [deleted]

Gulls are opportunistic birds, so it's important to never let your guard down around them, especially if you have food.

Right in the nose.

Reddit | pitline810

Things got a little heated down at the...frisbee field, apparently. Hopefully his nose takes on its usual alignment after this.

Standing is hard.

Reddit | rLal1998

This guy was paddleboarding for the first time and figured he'd try standing. As it turned out, he wasn't ready yet.

She's done for.

Reddit | Rough_Beat

Once again, gulls are all about seeking opportunity. Never let yourself get outnumbered by a big gang of them.

See ya.

Reddit | ButFat

I feel bad for the kid here but let's focus on the positives: three people were able to stay on the bench without falling off.


It's loud and chaotic when you lose at Jenga, and even moreso when you lose at giant Jenga and the blocks all fall on your head.


Reddit | rekinho

This hockey player got a little too stoked after a goal and celebrated so hard that he broke the glass.

Vintage edition.

Reddit | bfrickey

If you've ever thought that people didn't do dumb stuff in the old days, this pic from the '40s should make you think again.

Can't undo this.

Reddit | St4bil

This guy is just fine, so long as he can maintain the wheelie. But when he comes down, things are going to get real.

Outta the way.

Reddit | Battlever

Let this be a lesson to anyone who finds themselves at a high-stakes longboarding competition: enjoy the sights, but stay off the track.

We've all been there.

This little girl just stepped on a Lego. I think we can all understand what she's going through in this moment.

The cruelest wakeup.

Reddit | JLMKEI

I don't know if this is actually going to work but the prospect that it might makes me never want to get a nose ring.

You had one job.

Reddit | rokkin1234

Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a small footbridge falls apart for no reason? Wonder no longer.

A dangerous game.

Reddit | [deleted]

This baby hummingbird likes to live life on the edge and it's about to get obliterated as a direct result.

So much for dinner.

Reddit | keahlian8d

This guy was so proud of this dish that he had to take a picture. He won't get to eat tonight, but at least he has the pic.

Frozen in time.

Reddit | SpankyNoodle

At this precise moment, everything is fine. But soon, the snowball is going to smoke the little dude right in the face.

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