16+ People Who Are In Deep Trouble

Nobody likes to get into trouble, but sadly it is something that we all do from time to time, even as adults. In fact, especially as adults for some of us!

From cacophonous architectural goofs to eggs trying to kill the people eating them, here are 14+ people who are in deep trouble.

"I guess they decided to include the cutter as a premium topping."

This pizza actually comes with a free trip to the dentist. I guess that you could also say that the person responsible for this is in deep dish trouble...

*Scattered sarcastic applause and sighing from the studio audience.

"Was a little windy here today..."

You really would have thought that it might have bounced back! Seriously though, it sucks for the poor guy who has to come and collect this!

"That can't be good for business!"

You shouldn't judge it until you try it! Although, you may be too sick to make a proper judgement after eating rat now that I think about it.

"I hate being a mailman in an area where dogs have evolved into ninja dogs!"

Wow, that is one of the angriest looking dogs that I have ever seen! I'd just be sliding that mail through the gate right there and then crossing over if I were this mailman!

"Forgot my plastic spatula in the oven while heating up my lasagna..."

I mean, now their dish has a built-in handle, which is a silver lining of sorts! Nice work my guy!

"You came to the wrong pond!"

Jesus, it looks like that duck on the left is giving that pigeon a real grilling. The goose standing on the pigeon is obviously the enforcer.

"My kids are trying to give me a heart attack."

I couldn't be having that. I think I'd have to just get my own toothpaste and try and put this monstrosity out of my mind as best as I could.

"I think my breakfast is threatening me!"

That seems like a bit of an egg-streme reaction to being fried from this egg. Looks like this egg has had en-oeuf!

Someone Screwed Up This New Apartment Block In Sweden...

"We have a discount on one of our new apartments if you'd be interested in seeing it?"

"Oh no, is it really noisy or something, hence the discount?"

"'s worse if anything. It is mildly irritating to the eye."

"You monster!"

"In a texbook from 1930..."

Good to see that there will always be students not properly revising for exams! Also, people need to start using "darn" as an expletive more nowadays!