10+ TV Deaths That Quite Honestly, We Will Never Get Over

Today, there are more television series than ever before, and the quality of television has gotten so great that they are on par with movies.

So, with so many great stories out there, it's easy for fans to care about characters on their screens and to feel upset when something bad happens to them.

Here are 10+ TV deaths that we will never get over.

Glen Rhee from *The Walking Dead*


There are many upsetting deaths in this series, but Glenn's was particularly rough because he had been such an amazing character and beloved by fans.

While someone dying at Negan's hand was teased the entire season, fans still were upset when it turned out to be Glenn.

Derek Shepherd from *Grey’s Anatomy*


While there are many tragic deaths on Grey's Anatomy, this one was particularly difficult for many fans.

This death was so hard for audiences because the show kept making it seem like Derek was going to survive and make it through.

Michael Cordero, Jr. on *Jane the Virgin*

This death was so shocking because it seemed like Michael was safe. He was shot at the end of season two, but he survived and was starting life as newlyweds with Jane.

The fact that he died from a heart condition that was a side effect of being shot, shocked everyone.

Wallace on *The Wire*


While many traumatic things happened on The Wire, Wallace's death was one of the saddest of them all.

He was just a kid, and he had gotten mixed up with a very bad crown. The fact his best friends were the ones ordered to kill him made for a truly bone-chilling scene.

Tara Maclay on *Buffy the Vampire Slayer*

Deaths that happen out of nowhere are always really upsetting to watch on television.

Tara was the causality of a bullet not meant for her. The other reason this death upset many people is that killing off LGBT+ characters is sadly common.

Marissa Cooper *The O.C.*


For a teen drama series, this death was definitely very traumatic and awful.

Many fans were devastated at the time, and it just stayed horrible as viewers saw how her death impacted the rest of the characters, particularly Ryan.

Ned Stark on *Game of Thrones*

While fans soon came to realize that no character was very safe, they didn't know quite what they had gotten into when Ned died so early on in the series.

The way he was killed while his daughters were watching was so brutal, and he was a good man who didn't deserve this end.

Beverly Katz from *Hannibal*


The television series, Hannibal, did an overall good job of including diversity and not killing off female characters for shock factor, but it might have made a misstep when it came to Beverly Katz.

The way Hannibal Lecter dissected her is still really upsetting to think about.

Jack Pearson from *This Is Us*

When it was revealed at the start of the pilot episode that Jack was dead, it was a big game-changer for the show.

But, then, even though fans knew he had been dead, the episode that showed his death was still just as heart-breaking.

Keith Scott on *One Tree Hill*

Keith was the best father figure on the show, and he and Karen had finally found happiness together.

So, when he was murdered in cold blood by his own brother who blamed the death on a school shooter, fans were upset and outraged.

Poussey Washington from *Orange is the New Black*

This death was absolutely brutal to watch because she was murdered while being forced to lie on the floor as Bailey held her down.

Many fans were upset by this death and felt it was handled poorly and for shock factor.

Dana Fairbanks on *The L Word*

While a lot of wild and ridiculous things happened in this series, the death of Dana was one of the most realistic but also tragic.

Seeing her die of cancer while she was still so young and had so much of her life ahead of her was so difficult.

Sybil Crawley from *Downton Abbey*


Sybil's death was truly a gut punch for fans. It was difficult to face the reality that many women in history, and even today, die in childbirth.

Her death also devasted those around her and left her baby without a mother.

Wes Gibbins on *How to Get Away with Murder*

Given that How To Get Away With Murder was a Shonda Rhimes show, viewers expected many twists and turn as well as some heart-wrenching deaths.

However, this didn't soften the blow when Wes died, and the show never was the same without him.

Finn Hudson on *Glee*


This death is particularly difficult to discuss because the fictional death was only done because actor, Cory Monteith, passed away in real life.

His death was absolutely tragic, and the way it was integrated into the death of the character on the show made everything very intense.