10+ Adult Jokes In Disney Movies We Didn't Catch At First

The creatives behind your favorite Disney movies are a lot sneakier than you'd think.

In addition to sprinkling in easter eggs, there are many things that adults, of all people, have to look forward to. Things that aren't exactly PG-rated...

Here are 10+ adult jokes in Disney movies we didn't catch at first.

You'll never look at these movie the same after this!


The creators of Frozen must have known that parents would be stuck watching this movie over and over again with their kids.

As such, they threw this in: when Kristoff asked Anna about Han's shoe size, she answers, “Shoe size doesn’t matter."



Since Lightning McQueen is a famous race car, he's got his own group of groupies.

These fans aren't opposed to "flashing" him, as two cars continuously "flashed" their lights when seeing him in a crowd.

*A Bug’s Life*

This movie went there when it came to including an outright sex joke in a Disney film.

This happened when a fly walked up to a ladybug with the pickup line, "Hey cutie, wanna pollinate with a real bug?”

*The Little Mermaid*


The Little Mermaid's innocent demeanor had us raise an eyebrow when we heard the line, “Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter.”

This was heard in the lyrics of the song, "Under the Sea."

*Toy Story*


With adult actors playing the two main toys, it makes sense that some adult jokes would be included.

In this case, it was Buzz Lightyear's reaction when he first saw Jessie. His wing popped out and he had a very "excited" look of shock.



While Linguini is caught chatting to Remy by chef Skinner, he came up with the excuse that he is familiarizing himself “with the vegetables and such”.

To this, Skinner replied, “One can get ‘too’ familiar with vegetables, you know!” Gross!

*Cars* again

More Cars adult humor was shown as the elderly car meeting was taking place.

Fans believe that the lemons on the table was a reference to "Lemon Party," a mature shock video you won't be able to unsee.

*Muppet Treasure Island*


Miss Piggy has always been rather flirty and bodacious.

She certainly gave a NSFW joke when she accentuated her greeting to Long John Silver. Read between the lines when she says, “Hello, Loooooong John."

*Aladdin and the King of Thieves*

The Genie in the movie was always ahead of his time.

When an elephant caused the ground to shake, Genie said, “I thought the Earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon." Good one, Genie!

*Toy Story 3*


In a battle with Lots-o'-Huggin, a distressed Mrs. Potato Head's was upset when her lips were taken from her.

In the background as this happened, we hear Mr. Potato Head yell, “Hey, nobody takes my wife’s mouth except me!”

*Ratatouille* again

Is that your rat or are you just happy to see me?

When showing Remy to Colette, Linguini prompts downward to his crotch while saying, “I have this tiny… little… little…” Then, he pulled the rat out.

*101 Dalmatians*


In the live-action classic, Horace, one of Cruella’s men said, “The sight of all these deceased creatures gives me a shrinky winky.”

Um... we're just glad it "shrunk" and was not growing at the sight.

*Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs*


Not surprisingly, this adult joke was delivered by Simon Pegg's character, Buck.

Here's what he said: “Let me tell you about the time I used a sharpened clam shell to turn a T-Rex into a T-Rachel.”

*The Emperor’s New Groove*

The Emperor’s New Groove proved it was quite mature when it had Kronk say he “pitched a tent” while out camping.

Only thing is, he pitched that tent over his, um, area. Real subtle, guys!



Think you're strong enough to discover this one?

While at the party of Hercule’s birth, Icarus wasn’t shy to tell everyone this piece of TMI: “I haven’t seen this much love in a room since Narcissus discovered himself."

*101 Dalmatians* again

While in a state of shock of so many puppies being born, Anita yelled, “A hundred and one? My, where did they all come from?”

Roger then turned to the dog and said, “Oh Pongo, you old rascal!” thus implying that Pongo has been getting "busy."

*Cars* again!


Cars reigns supreme in terms of adult humor.

When driving by a truck stop, there is a sign that says "Top Down Truckstop," an establishment with "convertible waitresses." In other words, female cars are topless.

*Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs* again

We're surprised this one made it into the film!

When Sid decided to try to milk a male milk ram, a squeaking sound and bulging look on the ram's face tell us that what Sid grabbed wasn't the right body part...


The innocence of Bambi took a turn when the skunk and rabbit, Thumper and Flower, had quite the reaction to seeing a female.

Thumper’s body bolted upright and into a trance while Flower turned stiff and completely red!

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