14+ Times People Chose Pure Laziness

Nobody likes to think of themselves as the kind of person who half-asses a job. Although, for some people, this fact is abundantly clear through their insane actions.

From people using a crane to grab their lunch to translators who clearly don't care about their work, here are 15+ times people chose pure laziness.

"When you got a lunch break on a crane but you're too lazy to go down."

I would just be nervous that a seagull would attack the bag and rip it open if I did this, they're notorious thieves after all.

"This is how my father has decided to rig up the router."

I've never seen a load-bearing dart being used before, so that's something new. It must have been one hell of a shot as well.

Well...That's An Intense Message To Be Sending Out!

They either just phoned in the translation here or the person who translated it has an incredibly bleak outlook on life.

No Skateboarding!

I suppose that this guy could have cut his skateboard in half and glued each half to his feet, would that still be skateboarding?

"Got my token of gratitude as a healthcare worker at work today, notice anything?"

Even if there wasn't a typo on this, I don't know why anyone would really want this. Give them some more money or something useful for Christ's sake.

"She was too lazy to move while dad was mowing the lawn."

As opposed to this dog marking the grass as their territory, the grass looks like it has now marked this dog as its territory!

Clearing Your Driveway 101!

I like where they were going with this, but is that pepper on the back of the left shoe? Are they trying to clear the driveway or season it?

"Changing a light bulb..."

Although this is incredibly dangerous, he's not the lazy one. The local government who let an old man do this instead of fixing this themselves is the real lazy one!

"Happened a few years back, supervisor of these guys said he had done this technique for years..."

Why take the time to do something properly when you can do a job in the most dangerous way possible? I don't know what will kill these workers first, this technique malfunctioning or the heart attack from having to be around this level of stress.

"Lazy way to win at Christmas decorating."

No one is safe from Yoda's bloodthirsty rage during the festive period, not even Santa and his reindeer. No wonder Yoda wasn't in the Star Wars Holiday Christmas Special.

"I was making homemade churros for the husband and the piping bag tip popped out. Too lazy to fix it. I present to you the turdo."

Now those are some damn fine looking Turdos, I can't wait to take a bite! — Said no one ever.

Stick It To The Man!

I guess that this stick is now a permanent fixture of this road, if they move it then this would just look stupid after all!

"The lazy guy in work..."

"You'll be thanking me for this when the bus rolls over."

"But...the point is to not roll the bus, remember the last chat we had?"

"Urgh, I guess so."

"Repainted the bathroom, boss!"

In fairness, those mouthwash bottles can be incredibly heavy, they do make Colgate Plax out of cement after all, just a little known fact for you there.

"I didn't realize my shirt needed cuff links until after I put it on. Paperclips and Breathsavers saved the day."

"Oh wow, those cufflinks are so cute, they look just like Breathsavers!"

"Yeah...they look like Breathsavers."

"He was just a little drunk when it came to painting the road."

"So, are we gonna measure out where the lines are going?"

"Nah, I'll just eyeball it."

"You sure?"

"Yup!" *Hiccups

Fix It With A Stick!

"Dave, do you mind cleaning out the fridge door? It's feeling awful...sticky!"

"That's it, I'm moving out."

"I was too lazy to keep getting up and check my pot if it was boiling, so I just skyped it."

Well, as the old saying goes, "A videochatting pot never boils." This is exactly the kind of inane nonsense that the internet was really invented for.

"Just feeling a little lazy..."

Sure, they're being incredibly lazy here, but is that really a crime? So long as they're tipping well, I don't think there is anything wrong here!

"My little sister and her friend with their homemade movie theaters..."

As someone pointed out, this idea really brings new meaning to "Home Box Office" entertainment.