Quotes For When You Know That 'What's Wrong?' Is A Loaded Question

Now, I chose to highlight quotes about the power an angry, yet passive aggressive woman can wield, but can I make a small admission here? I'm female and even I don't understand those women.

Maybe it's that growing up with social anxiety has made me very appreciative of people stating their meaning clearly, and I try to do the same.

Often, I fail miserably at my end of the bargain.

You see, if the social anxiety makes me want to be more candid and clear about my feelings, it's also what makes me terrified of confrontation.

And sometimes, being honest is just going to cause a bigger fuss than I'm ready for.

It took a long time, but I have mostly gotten better at picking my battles and just letting go of those smaller annoyances that aren't worth the fuss.


I'm honest enough with myself to know that I still screw this up a lot.

There is still the occasional "I'm fine" that comes out of my mouth even when I'm very much not fine.

But considering how many women do the same thing, maybe it's just in my DNA and I can't fully cure myself of it.

Or maybe that's just ingrained gender essentialism talking. It's a big ol' ball of complicated stereotypes and nuanced truths and cultural reinforcement.

Either way: it's fine.