10+ Facts About The 'Bridgerton' Cast Fans Didn't Know

Bridgerton is the Netflix series that no one can stop talking about. The new Shonda Rhimes show set in the Regency-era is campy, fun, and sexy, so it's no wonder fans can't wait for another season.

One of the things that made Bridgerton so great is the actors, and seeing as many of them aren't super well known, fans have a lot of questions about the cast.

Phoebe Dynevor starred in a series alongside Robert Grunt.

While American fans might not recognize the actress who plays Daphne, she has been on TV series in the UK.

She was in a comedy series called Snatch that also starred Rupert Grint, aka Ron Weasley.

Regé-Jean Page spent much of his childhood in Zimbabwe.

Given how gorgeous and charming Simon, the Duke of Hastings, was on the show, everyone wants to know more about actor Regé-Jean Page.

While he was born in London, he grew up in Zimbabwe before he came back to London for school.

The actor who plays Anthony won an award for his work in a musical.

Jonathan Bailey did a great job of portraying Anthony, a character who some adore and others got frustrated with.

However, most fans don't know that he won a 2019 Oliver Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a Musical. This was for his part as Jamie in Company.

The actress who plays Prudence Featherington has famous parents.

You might not have heard of Bessie Carter before or recognize her, but you've likely heard of her actor parents.

Her mother is Imelda Staunton, who played Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter, and her father is Jim Carter who was on Downtown Abbey.

Adjoa Andoh has been more than just an actress.

Andoh, who plays the intelligent, elegant Lady Danbury, has done work as an actress, but she's also been a preacher.

She started being a preacher in the Church of England in 2009. She sounds as multi-faceted as the character she plays.

Nicola Coughlan looked to fans for inspiration.

The actress, who is known already for her role in Derry Girls, plays Penelope Featherington.

In an interview, she said she would spend time on online forums for fans of the book series to learn about the character and what fans expected.

Page was also in a movie with Tessa Thompson.

For fans who can't get enough of Regé-Jean Page, you're in luck.

In December of 2020, Amazon released a movie that stars the beautiful actor as well as the talented, beautiful Tessa Thompson. It's called Sylvie's Love.

Even some of the cast members are speculating about season 2

Everyone is interested in what a second season could bring, and this includes the lead actress Phoebe Dynevor.

"I want to see Daphne get involved in Anthony's love life a bit, as he sort of meddled with hers quite a lot," she said in an interview with Elle.

Regé-Jean Page has himself compared the series to *Gossip Girl.*

It's hard not to compare Lady Whistledown to the character of Gossip Girl, and it's not just fans who have made the connection.

In an interview, Page said the series has similarities with Gossip Girl, 50 Shades of Grey, and Pride and Prejudice.

Julie Andrews was the voice of Lady Whistledown.

If you felt like you recognized that voice before, you were right.

While Lady Whistledown was revealed to be a much younger person at the end of season one, the voice-overs were all done by the beloved and elegant Julie Andrews.

Phoebe Dynevor auditioned for a part in *The Golden Compass.*

The stunning actress auditioned for a part in the film when she was just eleven years old, and it was also her first audition ever.

While she didn't get the part, her career will likely get a big boost now after starring as Daphne.

The actress for Marina starred in her first leading role in 2020.

Ruby Baker plays Marina in Bridgerton, and it looks like her career is taking off in other ways, too.

She starred in an indie movie called How To Stop a Recurring Dream that can be viewed online.

The actresses were all in a group chat together.

To help prepare for their roles, the women on the cast had a group chat where they would discuss and share articles and information about what life was like for women in the 1800s.

We bet they had some truly fascinating discussions and learned a lot!

The actor who plays Benedict is an artist.

It's pretty fitting that Luke Thompson is an artist given that the character he plays, Benedict Bridgerton, is one, too.

He even gave other members of the cast portraits he made of them, and Regé-Jean Page has his displayed at his house.

Regé-Jean Page had a rocker phase.

Page said in an interview that growing up he and his younger brother had a band and that they played loud, rock style music.

He was also sporting an edgy look at the time and would dye his hair a few different colors including purple.