Company Makes Epic Interior Designs Inspired By Pop Culture

If you think you've seen it all when it comes to home decor, think again.

Lusso D'Arte Decorative Artisans specializes in custom-made rooms bursting with luxury. And while they do luxury well, the thing that really makes them stand out is their pop culture-inspired themed builds.

And when I say "themed rooms," I mean it.

Check out this Mario-themed kid's room! Lusso D'Arte definitely didn't start out intending to make rooms this crazy and this detailed, but they do it very, very well.

The company was founded in 2004.

The originally started as a luxury finishing company based out of Florida, run by a mother, father, and son. They originally specialized in Venetian and French Victorian styles — a far cry from Wonka's factory!

However, as we all know, the Venetian style is not exactly on-trend anymore.

Lusso slowly evolved their company to keep up with trends, even weathering the 2008 financial crisis by picking up new talents, skills, and tools. When the mid-century trend came, they were ready.

Now, they do full-room builds featuring iconic pieces of pop culture.

I mean, hello? This life-sized bounty hunter from Star Wars is absolutely insane! They use a combination of 3D printing, CnC cutting, and epoxy resin to bring pieces like this to life.

The things they can build are INSANE.

Like this full laser-tag hallway in a private home. This Star Wars themed installation features bean bag chairs, a full-scale Darth Vader, and even themed doors.

Their custom work knows no bounds.

They can build entire movie rooms and hallways! This walk of fame features custom Walk of Fame stars, in-ground lighting, and velvet ropes to guide you towards your custom movie theatre.

Their Disney work is out of this world.

I mean, look at Jessie on the side of those stairs! Look at the moulding! The murals! The bedding! Everything about this is a kid's fantasy.

Catch me building this "Moana" bedroom.

The sea is definitely calling me to this bedroom themed after the best Disney movie, Moana. No, I will not be debating this topic. I just know I'm right. Thank you.

So, what do you want in your home?

Are you a Disney fan, or maybe you want to escape to a galaxy far, far away with a Star Wars-themed room? Let me know what you'd go for!

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