15+ Confusing Pictures That Are All A Matter Of Perspective

While there are no shortage of things in this world that are bizarre to their core, we will also find that a lot of the things that confuse us are just giving us the wrong idea.

Just because we often ask "are you doing what I think you're doing?" when we catch someone with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, that doesn't mean there aren't times when it's a genuine question.

And whether it's due to lighting, bizarre angles, or a situation that gives us a blurry sense of scale and distance, we're about to see that it's surprisingly easy for perfectly normal pictures to seem completely incomprehensible.

Apologies if this reminds anyone of the *Cats* movie but a but a split-second flick of the tongue has given this cat a bizarre appearance.

That's right, that's the cat's tongue and it hasn't somehow grown creepily human-like lips. So I guess that's the good news.

Not to worry, you're not likely to ever walk into a spider web this big.

At least, that's not what you'll encounter if you ever find yourself on this French street.

Instead, we're seeing the results of this street light shining through some drooping tree branches.

Wow, it looks like nothing is going to stop this couple from taking a nice picture together. Not even an explosion.

Except this isn't actually an explosion, as you might expect.

Because while I suppose these two could very well be cool enough not to look at one happening behind them, we're really just seeing the sun illuminate the side of a mountain.

Even if it doesn't take long to realize what we're looking at, there's still that little moment that makes us do a double take.

In that moment, all we can see here is a tiny Tim Conway leaning in front of the poster of a movie that doesn't look very good.

Of course, once we're back to reality, it's a lot clearer that most of that figure is just Seth Meyers' microphone.

Although we know this dog isn't floating, I have to admit that I'm not exactly sure what is happening here.

Either the dog is dangling between the sides of this chair, it's got the same seemingly impossible balancing skills that cats and mountain goats do, or there's a pillow on this chair that's the same color as it.

The answer is up to you, I guess.

This serene sunset scene is as beautiful as it is hard to figure out.

But you'll see that it gets a little clearer when you look at this photo upside down. Apparently, both the bike and the scenery are just reflections in the water next to those rocks.

You don't know how much I'd like to hang around a duck that big but once again, things are not what they seem.

While the way this photo is laid out makes it unlikely that it's just closer to the camera than it seems, there's something proportionally weird and artificial-looking about its head that suggests we're not looking at a real duck.

Perhaps it's a big plush that someone put next to this rink.

Although I've been mystified to see full tree trunks somehow dangle above their stumps, we're not looking at that on a smaller scale.

Instead, this tall grass is completely intact. It's just being crossed by a shadow that gives us the impression that it's been cut in half.

Although many of us have some idea that we're potentially being monitored, that's a different feeling from thinking you're being watched.

With that in mind, it shouldn't be too hard to understand why someone would get a little startled after seeing this eye suddenly staring at them.

Of course, it's not really an eye. Part of the uploader's headset just happened to reflect off their monitor stand.

Sadly, we haven't discovered that Mr. Fantastic really exists in this image.

While I suppose I could see him enjoying rock climbing, the apparently stretchiness of this arm is just an illusion.

Instead, the hood of this person's sweatshirt is making it harder to figure out where their shoulder really is.

There's just one small bar that clues us in to the fact that we're not looking at a solar eclipse here.

If that tiny piece wasn't visibly connecting this balloon-shaped ornament to this storefront, we'd have no reason to suspect there was anything but the moon in the way.

The familiarity of the design here doesn't make me terribly confident in my guess as to what we're looking at here.

Sure, it makes the most sense for these to be a restaurant's oddly-shaped awnings. Nonetheless, it's still hard to force myself to not see them as hovering umbrellas.

When one lover hugs the other from behind, it can sometimes be a little tricky to tell where one of them ends and the other begins.

Naturally, the fact that another woman's hair is behind the two of them doesn't make it any easier to tell where this guy's girlfriend is even when you realize he's the one sitting down.

Her head is not really visible in this picture but you can see her hair peeking through next to his face.

While some images give us the wrong impression, others simply don't make it clear as to what we're looking at.

So if you're wondering how pieces of a different sky could cut into the real one, the answer is apparently pillars that are entirely covered in mirrors.

They're just showing us the parts of the sky that otherwise didn't fit in the picture.

Some peopel can be descirbed as "honest to a fault" and that's definitely true of this person if they were trying to confuse us.

If they had zoomed in and cropped their photo just a little differently, it would be impossible to tell that we weren't looking at the moon from a cave.

Yet since they didn't, it's very clear that we're just looking at the floor through a hollow piece of scrap metal.

If this background was a little different, it would be a lot harder to know what was going on here.

After all, we probably would have heard about a lizard that's big enough to take up so much space on a roof, right?

And indeed, if you compare the size of the leaves on the real trees in the background to the windows on these houses, it becomes clear that the lizard is climbing on a model.

It's not unheard of to come across a building that looks two-dimensional from the right angle but they're not usually this convincing.

If you're wondering what's happening here, it helps to know that the design is triangular.

I suppose that means that this building looks similarly flat from the other side of this corner as well.

Although I'm sure there's a real sense of community here, the moment these two men are sharing isn't quite as tender as it seems.

Although the similar coloration of their shirts would make it look like they're holding hands, we're really just seeing one of them clasp his hands behind his chair.

This man happened to adjust his tie in just the right spot to make it look like he's in a serious rush.

Granted, the fact that one half of his body seems to be in a completely different environment than the other makes it obvious that half his body is covered by this design.

That doesn't make the effect we're seeing here any less amusing, though.

Well well well, this live action *Clifford* is looking good.

Although there's probably a market for a dog this massive, we'd probably find that this one is much smaller than it appears if we met it.

So what happened here? A blizzard simply hit this area hard enough to give the dog an avenue to touch the top of the fence that wouldn't otherwise exist.