15+ People Who Put A Lot Of Effort Into Their Joke

There are people out there who put ridiculous amounts of effort into trying to make other people laugh — sometimes unintentionally so!

From ridiculous snow-sculptures to creating doggy astronauts, here are 14+ people who put a lot of effort into their joke.

"So close, Doris. So close."

I mean, you can't put much more effort into a joke than dying for the purpose of a punchline!

"Best fake ID ever."

I think the fact that the weight is in coconuts but the height isn't also measured in a fruit would maybe give away that this is fake.

Their Mother Was Unimpressed By Their Work On The New Fountain...

The prankster behind this wrote, "My mother tore down her greenhouse and told me to neatly pile the bricks while she went out. I got drunk and built her a dick fountain instead. As you can see, she was not impressed."

"My parents took advantage of the graduation sign trend to crap on me for dropping out."

Either they are trying to motivate Owen to do something with his life through cruel humor or they are just ridiculously savage for the sake of it.

"Daughter took notes of her dad's reaction throughout the Super Bowl."

I like that she specifies "Dad screams and startles me" at 8:54. She must have been anticipating the other screams but let her guard down here.

The Real-Life Snoopy...

I wonder how many times they got a knock on the door to warn them about this dog before they went to get this sign made up?

"Fixing a toilet. 2 trips to Home Depot, worked with a hernia, had a pain in the ass time...only to install the toilet and forget about the door. I'm an idiot."

Okay, so he may not have meant this "joke," but it's pretty damn funny. Hopefully he took the door off its hinges and didn't take the toilet back out to fix this!

This Bear's Best Vacation!

This person explained, "We received this in the mail today after leaving 'Coco' at the Marriott Courtyard in Whippany, NJ. Thank you staff, you rock! Now my [28-year-old] girlfriend can sleep soundly once more."

"It was my dad's birthday today but we didn't have the right numbers so we got creative!"

Well, it is very fortunate that they happened to have these letters lying around. I'm sure that this will really make him feel loved and valued on this special day!

"Alternative Covid vaccinations..."

Look, it won't work as well as the other ones, but it will get you drunk...which is something in these arduous times.

"My wife ran and won her age group in her first 5k this weekend. Here are a couple pictures from the race."

Wow, this looks like it must have been one hell of an intense fun run! Good to see a husband supporting his wife in the best way by capturing these amazing moments!

"My dad, my fiancé, and I built a snowman today. Banana for scale."

That is one hell of a snowman. I always end up giving up when making a snowman, snow just isn't my medium of choice for artistic expression...

*Sips wine and looks forlornly out the window.

"I know it's small but I worked past the laughter and this was the result of my efforts."

This is still pretty impressive! We used to play Buckaroo with an old roommate when he would inevitably fall asleep during a movie, but it was always us laughing that woke him up not the stuff we were balancing on him.

"Neighbors built a new fence and nailed the dog accessibility requirements."

Ground control to major dog. Take your worming pills and put your head-cone on.

"My daughter gave my son a signed picture of herself for Christmas."

It is made even better that neither of them are even so much as cracking a smile here. Really conveys the tone of a happy family Christmas!

"Watching Tenet the way Christopher Nolan intended!"

Wow, what a ridiculous amount of effort to go to just to piss off Christopher Nolan! This guy must have waaaayyy too much time on his hands.

"Move along, human."

In fairness, I have found that outdoor cars are absolute villains, stalking the land and pooping on people's gardens! Every. Damn. Day!

"Why do you embarrass me human."

That cat has the soulless stare of an animal that has been put into a lot of clothes against its will over the years!

"I worked at target 4 years ago and was notorious for forgetting my name badge and 'borrowing' someone's. Just Found these."

Maybe this person is a serial killer who only murders Target employees and these are their trophies. Don't let them fool you!