10+ Movie Characters Who Don't Deserve The Hate They Get

As fans, it's easy to feel strong emotions about characters from our favorite movies. And, while there are some characters who definitely deserve to be hated for all the awful things they do, some are more loathed than they really should be.

Sometimes, fans go a little overboard on hating characters who aren't that bad.

Here are 10+ movie characters who didn't deserve that hate they got.

Katniss Everdeen from *The Hunger Games*

People tend to hate Katniss because she doesn't show emotion in the way people think they should.

However, given that she's a literal teenager who was put through unimaginably awful trauma, it's absolutely ridiculous how high of a standard she is held to.

Edmund Pevensie from *The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*

It's definitely upsetting that Edmund betrayed his siblings, but he was also being manipulated by the White Witch.

He was also only ten years old and was clearly going through a lot, so he probably can be cut some slack.

Kimmy Wallace from *My Best Friend's Wedding*

While she might have been a bit naive and annoying, it wasn't her fault that her fiance and his best friend still had a thing for one another.

She trusted both of them, and she wasn't in the wrong here.

Bella Swan from *Twilight*

People absolutely love to hate Bella and Twilight as a whole, and while it's not as if the romances should be idolized, the saga gets more hate than it should.

Bella isn't the best protagonist out there, but the boys in her life do worse things than she does.

Gollum from *The Lord of the Rings*

Gollum is really more of a tragic figure than he is a character worthy of loathing.

The films did a good job of trying to show just how miserable and sad he was, but some fans still saw him as just a villain.

Nate from *The Devil Wears Prada*

This might be controversial, but some fans don't think Nate is as bad as people say.

While he probably was a bit too needy, Andy also did start acting like a very different person. It just seemed like they might not have been compatible anymore.

Rose Tico from *Star Wars*

There are a lot of characters from the franchise who get undeserved hate, but the hatred of this character got so intense that many fans harassed the actress off of social media.

Whether she was a well-written character or not, this was unacceptable.

Ron Weasley from *Harry Potter*

There's no denying that Ron makes the most mistakes of the trio members and that he can be a bit selfish.

But, he was still someone who risked his life many times to save his friends and fight against Voldemort.

Sure, he was more immature, but he also was just lucky enough to have been raised in a comfortable family.

Rose DeWitt Bukater from *Titanic*

It's a big internet joke that Rose was a mean person for not letting Jack get on the door with her.

However, while there might have been room for him technically, it wouldn't have worked for both of them to float because of weight.

Jack's death was tragic, but it's not as if she just sat there and let him die.

Carol Danvers in *Captain Marvel.*

Carol Danvers is another character who gest more hate than she deserves because she's a woman.

The character is likable and powerful, and she's definitely not a worse person than many of the male Marvel superheroes like Tony Stark and Doctor Strange who are more universally loved.

Magneto from *X-Men*

A lot of people do love this character, but the implication that he's the villain isn't really that simple.

Magneto has many good and valid reasons not to trust humans, and while his approaches are more radical, he was trying to protect himself and others.

Boromir from *The Lord of the Rings*

Boromir is usually thought of as the worst member of the Fellowship, and this is probably true.

However, his character was used to show just how powerful and evil the Ring was. Boromir made some mistakes, but he wasn't all bad. He also realized quickly that he was wrong.

Miranda Priestly from *The Devil Wears Prada*

This isn't to say that everything Miranda did was okay because that's not true at all. She didn't have to make life so miserable for her employees.

But, it's absolutely true, like Andy says in the movie, that if she was a man she wouldn't get as much hate.

Cho Chang from *Harry Potter*

While the movies make Cho seem even more unlikable, even in the books she's painted as a dramatic, silly girl.

It's not really fair considering that she was dealing with the traumatic death of her boyfriend and clearly really struggling. Plus, she was only a teenager, and she wasn't a bad person at all.

Rey from *Star Wars*

While some fans were really receptive to Rey as the lead, others weren't happy.

However, most of the criticisms of the character could also be applied to Luke Skywalker, so it felt more like backlash to casting a woman.