A Huge Trove Of The CIA's Files On UFOs Are Available For Download

The COVID-19 spending bill that passed last week was full of unrelated legislation. Among those requests was one from Marco Rubio, a Florida senator. He added legislation to require the Pentagon to release all their information on UFOs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) as the government calls it. In preparation to meet these requirements, the CIA has made all their documents publicly available for download. And there are some real gems in there!

UFO Research – C00015235

This file is a communication sent on April 26, 1976, and appears to be sent from the intelligence community to a government official. The communication states that there is no formal investigative unit researching the UFO phenomena and suggests that such a program be created. Some sort of recent UFO discovery prompted the request.

In the document, the author references something that was examined by a doctor, whose name was redacted. The most interesting excerpts about the discovery are as follows: “WE ATTEMPTED TO OBTAIN ANALYTICAL GUIDANCE ON THE UFO ******************* SUBJECT.” “DR ******* EXHIBITED INTEREST IN ********* WHICH WAS HANDCARRIED TO HIS OFFICE.”

Dr. Leon Davidson – C00015243

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This is a fun find. The first several files contain some correspondences about a person demanding information, but there is not much to go on other than that someone named Leon Davidson is involved. This file spells out the issue.

Apparently, Davidson recorded a communication that he believes is extra-terrestrial. He sent the sample in to be analyzed and is waiting to hear back. Apparently, he was also quite vigilant with following up. Finally, Wallace W Elwood, a Captain in the Airforce, tells Davidson that the message was just Morse code from a known radio station, to which Davidson replied that it was not characteristic of Morse code.

He seemed to also threaten to write an article for "some space magazine," claiming the Air Force was concealing information on flying saucers. The communication ends on this intriguing line: “INCIDENTALLY, DAVIDSON IS NO X NO FOOL AND IT APPEARS THAT ATIC IS TREATING HIM AS ONE IF THEY THINK HE CAN BE SATISFIED WITH A SOP SUCH AS CAPTAIN ELWOOD’S.”

Multiple bases see the same UFO phenomena – C00015251 & C00015255

The more compelling files include multiple reports from different bases about the same event. On June 11, 1957, a ball was seen traveling at high speed from Iran to the USSR. Another base reported that it was shaped like a football and left a smoke trail behind it that was visible for 15 seconds.

Another report on July 5, 1965, includes the following sighting: “A group of red, green, and yellow flying saucers has been flying over Deception Island for two hours by Argentine, Chilean, and British bases in Antarctica. The flying saucers were also seen flying in formation over the South Orkney islands in quick circles.”

Black Hat, White Pigeon – C00779644

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This file contains the story of a Serbian war crimes Fugitive. He escaped capture and (presumably) continues to elude the authorities. At one point, he even killed 10 British special unit soldiers, although there are no witnesses to confirm this account.

Why is this file in the UFO documents? Because of this line: “The Pentagon pundits are at a loss, they who are usually said to communicate regularly with the extraterrestrial beings and for whom there are no secrets on our planet.”

Out of context, this seems pretty damning. Unfortunately, it is not as juicy as it sounds. This quote is from a Bosnian journalist who is writing about the injustice of not capturing war criminals. In context, this line actually sounds like a sarcastic jab at Americans' claims of superiority.

We must be careful with interpretation.

A random assortment of files can easily be taken out of context. We must be careful when weighing these files as evidence of extra-terrestrial activity. Many documents are mere records of unconfirmed reports. Key names and nouns have been redacted, which makes it difficult to verify many of these reports. And, there is some speculation that the CIA purposely misleads people about alien activity for some unknown purpose. There is a chance that some of these files are fictitious or misleading.

So, are you going to browse through the thousands of CIA files? Let us know in the comments!

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