11+ Unusual Finds People Made Long After Things Were Lost

Isn't it cool when you stumble upon something from the past that had been previously lost? It's such an interesting throwback, to say the least.

Sometimes the object is from just a few years ago, but if you're really lucky you'll find something vintage. That's exactly what happened to these folks, and I'm happy to share these gems with you.

1. This Notebook Of Abbreviations

This person found a vintage notebook in his grandpa's things. It contains various telegram abbreviations. I think this is such a cool blast from the past, especially since we don't use telegrams anymore. Don't you think so, too?

2. This Bottle Of Cocaine

Oh, my goodness, somebody found this old bottle of cocaine in their pharmacy. I guess back in the day, doctors used it as some sort of medicine. Get a load of the warning on the bottle, though, ha, ha!

3. This Wall-Mounted Fridge

If you thought this long diagonal object was a cabinet, you would be wrong. If you can believe it, it's an actual wall-mounted refrigerator. Who knew such things even existed, huh? I certainly had no idea.

4. This MP3 Player

How would you feel if you found your old MP3 player which still had around 3000 songs on it? I guess you would be as happy as this person. Isn't that such a rad find?

5. These Old Immigration Forms

This person found their grandmother’s immigration forms from the 1950s. Upon discovering this, they realized that they are pretty much dead ringers for the Cards Against Humanity box. Oh my goodness, how funny is that? I wonder if that is where they got the idea.

6. This Old Medical Bill

Don't you wish that your medical bills looked like that? This one belongs to someone's great-grandma, and she received it back in 1950, ha, ha! If you adjust it for inflation, that's still only about $80. Isn't that something?

7. This Old Newspaper

This person was renovating a 130-year-old house. When they ripped off the wallpaper, they found old newspapers used as insulation in the wall. Wow, check out this headline. Isn't it quite eerie or what? It would give me goosebumps.

8. This Old Beam

This person's architect friends found this beam in an old house in Massachusetts. The date is the actual date of the battle of Bunker Hill. What a cool historical find. Don't you think? I like that.

9. This Crayola Box

Somebody was cleaning out the back of a family secretary's desk when they stumbled upon these. It's an old box of Crayola crayons that looks to be about 100 years old. And the crayons are still in the box!

10. These Goggles

This person found their great-grandpa’s WWII Air Force goggles with WWII dirt still on them. Oh my! Isn't that such an awesome discovery or what? They should put them in a display case or something like that.

11. This Sprite Can

Wow, I didn't realize that they already made Sprite cans back in the '80s. I thought they only had bottles back then. Someone found this one in the ceiling of an old mall. It's quite a different look, no?

12. This Movie Ticket

You never know what you'll find at the thrift store. This person found an OG Forest Gump movie ticket in the pocket of a shirt at a thrift store. That's like a piece of movie history!

Wow, how do you like these old gems here, huh?

Unsplash | Joanna Kosinska

It think it's so much fun to discover such awesome blasts from the past. Have you ever stumbled upon something as interesting as these in an old house or in your family's stuff?

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