9+ Times People Regretted Making A Purchase

These days impulse purchasing can be even easier than before, thanks to online shopping. It's as easy as a click of a button. Then, regret often sets in.

Did I make the right choice, or did I spend too much money? Is the product going to live up to my expectations? These folks found out the hard way that shopping regret is a real thing.

1. This Sofa Cover

Oh my goodness, this person thought they were buying a perfectly suitable sofa cover. Sadly, when they received it, it turned out to be anything but quality. On a happier note, the cat seems to be enjoying it.

2. These Chocolate Covered Almonds

Excuse me, are you telling me these are supposed to be chocolate covered almonds? Come again? Where is the chocolate? And what kind of almonds look like that? It's nothing that I've ever seen before. Yuck!

3. This Plush Toy

Aw, what an adorable plush bat. I'm obsessed with bats. Don't you think they're so cute? At least, they're cute when it comes to the one on the left. The one on the right leaves something to be desired, alright.

4. This Soufflé

Is that a soufflé in a cup or just a piece of crap? From the looks of it, I think it's the latter, ha, ha! Isn't it supposed to be spilling over the cup or what? It's definitely not O'lala.

5. This Swiss Cheese

Most of us realize that Swiss cheese naturally comes with holes. However, I don't think this person was expecting to see this. These holes look like they've been factory stamped out or something like that. Wow!

6. This "White Walker" Mask

This "White Walker" mask would have been perfect for Halloween. Don't you think? Unfortunately, this "studio quality" mask looks more like a giant rip-off than anything else, really. What an absolute shame, I say.

7. This Chocolate Croissant

The one thing I enjoy most about a chocolate croissant is the yummy, oozing chocolate inside. So if I got something like this instead, I would be royally pissed off. What about you? How sad is this?

8. This Doggie Bed

Aw, look at that cute pup trying to get into his snuggly bed. Unfortunately, his parents didn't check the measurements right, so now he won't fit inside of it. I think he deserves a rain check, huh?

9. This Dress Which Is The Wrong Size

They say that when you're not sure, you should always size up. I would say that's usually good advice. However, in this lady's case, it didn't turn out as she had hoped. Better luck next time.

10. This Mini Slow Cooker

Aw, how cute is this mini slow cooker? Wait a minute, why would anyone buy this? Ah, it's probably just used for warming up leftovers. I don't think the lady who bought it realized that.

11. This Cropped Top

Why is this lady holding a pair of scissors? Well, it's so she can cut herself out of this ridiculously small cropped top. Not only it doesn't fit her, but she had to use extreme measures to get herself out of it.

12. This Flamingo Floatie

Why is it that pictures make everything look so much better? When in reality, these products rarely live up to their expectations. That's probably a few bucks that you just put down the drain here.

13. This Dress

Shopping online for fashion can be a hit or miss. Don't you think? When you see pictures of gorgeous dresses, you start imagining them on you. And then you end up getting this. OMG, that's just despicable, no?

So did you learn anything from these folks' mistakes?

Are you going to do your due diligence next time you shop? I think I've learned a thing or two here. I'm going to be very careful before I place my next order.