16+ Pictures That Were Taken At Just The Right Moment

Every day, thousands of extraordinary moments go by unrecorded, only living in the memory of those who witnessed it.

Sometimes, though, there's someone there to capture the incredible, the funny, the strange. To thank those people, here's a list of pics that were taken at just the right moment.

"A balloon I accidentally shut in my car door didn’t pop."

This is a visual representation of how headaches feel.

"This looks like a horse made of fire."

Suddenly, I'm in a cartoon where a wizard is telling a magical story by the fire.

"My friend recently competed in a film festival. This is the moment they announced his film had won."

Seeing unfiltered joy is one thing, but the moment of disbelief and confusion before that joy is even better.

"When your daughter has hair and you have none..."

So this is why they teach kids that sharing is caring.

"Geyser before the eruption."

I know there's a lot of power behind that but I want to touch it so bad. It looks so smooth.

"The moment I lost my glasses."

You scale rockfaces and don't think to have a glasses chain? Amateur.

"[A] smooth white towel."

How nice! Giving your teammate a nice towel to clean off with after the game, so polite.

"The q in 'quality' is falling down..."

They put all their budget into delivering quality products, so their signage is a bit loose sometimes.

"Self immolation at the company picnic."

If you want to properly grill a steak, you really have to become the steak.

Don't worry, he's fine. It's an illusion.

"[...] New Years Eve."

Not only capturing the firework, but the joy that kid is experiencing? A truly magical moment.

"When the waiter accidentally spills an entire glass of ice water down your back [...]."

The look on that waiter's face reads, "Crap, I'm getting fired for this."

"Capybara ready to make some deals."

"So the current offer is an extra serving of food every meal, and in exchange, I'll keep standing here and being cute. Do we have a deal?"

"Heard cheering from the men's washroom at the bar, walked in and stumbled upon this moment of pure joy."

I'm so happy that they accomplished this. I'm not happy for the janitor that will have to clean this up.

"[...] a water balloon at the moment of it being popped."

I can't get over how spiky this looks. Crunchy. I want to bite it.

"The [ridiculous] length of my shadow."

"Hello, this is my audition tape for the guy who walks around carnivals on stilts."

"The elusive double headed doggo!"

They're one head short of a Cerberus, but maybe that's for the best. I don't think these two get along.

"[...] the moment of impact."

I've watched entire movies with less emotional impact than this photo.

"[...] a man biking and liking."

To me, it looks like he's staring directly at the camera. He doesn't like the girl, he likes the photographer!

"Cat or Furry demon?"

I have a cat. The answer is both.

"The way a bubble looks just before it pops on the ground."

You know when you wobble a piece of metal and it makes that sound? That sound and this picture give me the same energies.