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16+ Pictures That Have Something Weird Going On

Admittedly, I don't always have an eye for spotting weirdness when I'm out and about. Generally speaking, when I have to leave the house, I'm on a mission, singularly focused on getting whatever it is done so I can just go back home.

So I'm giving kudos to the folks who spotted the scenes to point out that something was off.

High fidelity!

Reddit | FuKuRoKu

At a glance, you might think that you're looking at this car's interior through a lens or something; it's actually a scale model.

Check out the coin that's sitting on the dashboard to give a sense of scale.

Okay, what's the deal?

Reddit | Clutch513

Why should the snow all around this trampoline frame have melted, but the stuff in the middle — and there's clearly no netting there, it's just an empty frame — remain so resistant to melting?

I'm sure there's a scientific reason, but for now, it's just weird.

Something familiar about that artwork.

Reddit | pinkholey

Yes, this bathroom has a picture of the bathroom itself on the wall. In fact, it looks like bathroom in the picture has that same picture on its wall as well, so there's some recursion going on.


Coincidence, phenomenon, or omen?

Reddit | hello297

They say animals always seem to know something is up before humans do, so I'd be a bit wary around these ducks just because of how spread out they all are.

It's probably perfectly natural but there's still something about the way they're arranged that makes the hair on your neck stand up, amirite?

Science on display.

Seriously, how often do you get to actually see the currents in water? Because in this little spring, it looks like bubbles from the waterfall have stuck around long enough to show off how the water is moving around.

I do not see the appeal.

Reddit | miahi

Sometimes inside an orange, you'll find a small orange has started to grow. But I've never seen one of those inside oranges have an actual peel on it, like this one does.

Why does it even need a peel if it has a whole entire orange around it already?

Giving away the game.

Reddit | convalcon

In this card from a Munchkin deck, you can see where they got the artwork from, or at least how they might have manipulated it for the card: a bit of the Windows Media Player bar is still in the image.


Like magic.

Reddit | Seamfloater

This pool floater is doing more floating than you'd expect! It's just a matter of the floater keeping the water freezing an even rate across the entire surface.

The water under the floater froze last and pushed it up above the surface.

When you're detail-oriented.

Reddit | Riku3220

Apparently, this bowling alley coordinates the balls on every lane by color before they open.

I'm pretty sure that even if bowling was the first thing I wanted to do in a day, I never would have noticed that.

Not blown away.

Reddit | cmonnats

This ceiling fan appears to have stunted its growth at some point. Have you ever seen one with such stubby blades?

Hard to imagine it putting a dent in any serious summer heat, but I guess if it didn't, it likely would have been replaced long ago.

What in the what?

Reddit | PurelyForLolla

At first glance, well, I had no idea what in the heck was going on here.

Turns out it's just that someone managed to get a balloon stuck in a car's window without it popping, which, I have to admit, is some kind of accomplishment.

That's not good.

Reddit | bekleyis95

Usually, candles come either with removable plastic wrapped around them or in a glass container.

This one, however, is formed inside a little plastic star, which, it turns out, was a super bad idea because the candle's flame can just melt it.

I guess it still works?

Reddit | PM_ME_YOUR_PV

But seeing a clock that someone clearly installed as a second thought and crammed into a corner without any respect for symmetry or aesthetics is so, so very jarring.

Sure, it tells the time but does anybody want to look at it?

Is it supposed to work like that?

Reddit | litrodevino

If you're just looking for the best before date on this beer, you'll probably dine those numbers and miss an important detail: it's not a best before date but a best after date.

Guess this brew has some aging to do to get it into prime shape before consumption.

A surgical strike.

Reddit | k1ller139

I didn't know ants had such discerning tastes, but apparently a bunch raided this person's protein bar and completely ignored all the chocolate, preferring to snack only on the caramel.

See, that's how you know it wasn't me stealing the snack — I do not have the waistline of such a picky eater.

So close.

Reddit | Little-Coin

Merch makers of the world, take note: your symbol doesn't always have to take the place of a vowel.

If it happens to look remarkably like one of the letters in the word you want to include it in, go with that.

The funhouse mirror of shadows.

Reddit | fandme_nej_du

Seriously, that is a bonkers shadow. What does it take to cast a shadow that makes your legs look thirty feet long?

Apparently, you have to stand on a hill in Scandinavia when the sun is at the right angle.

You'd think they would know.

Reddit | relishmypickles

Were the good folks at Linksys just trying to hedge their bets when they made the packaging for their USB adapter?

Because this can't have happened by accident. Those sizes are much too different to merely be a mistake.

It takes a good eye to spot that.

Reddit | DoctorBahtman

But the uploader of this pic did notice that something was out of place here.

The design on the exterior of the fitting rooms at a Goodwill used real Goodwill employees — except for the one Best Buy employee on the left.

There goes my appetite.

Reddit | CMSTerraNova

As if it's not bad enough that this pan contains grease that congealed overnight, it also appears to have the texture of a brain, and that's enough for me. Gross. I'm out.

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