Mom Didn't Want To Part With Family Crib, So Daughter Turned It Into A Keepsake

While many people get rid of old cribs, some strive to pass them down to the next generations as heartfelt keepsakes.

However, some people go the extra mile and turn their family cribs into creative family momentos.

That's exactly what one child did for her mom, and her idea was completely outside the box.

Cribs aren't just for holding babies, they're for carrying memories.

One mom realized that the crib that was used to hold her children and grandchildren wouldn't last forever, so her daughter decided to turn it into something that could.

She made wall art with a post from the crib for each child who slept in it, displaying their names and dates of birth, which is just about the sweetest thing ever.

Everyone should take note of this idea.

This brilliant homage to generations of babies was created using stencils for each letter.

To form each letter, the wood had to be needled out for a clean and crisp appearance.

It was a labor of love.

This idea was shared on [Reddit](Reddit | clinchemale) and commenters were impressed.

One person even said, "This is a beautiful gift, and handmade by (I assume) someone who even slept in the crib, which adds a whole new level to the love she’ll have for it."

Everyone agreed that this mother was going to love the gift from her daughter very much.

These are the moments we'll never forget.

Many moms do so much for their children and this is a sweet example of a child growing up and doing something for their mom.

Let us know in the comments what you think of this innovative idea and if you plan to try something similar.

h/t: Reddit | clinchemale

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