Etsy's Crochet Cupcake Hats Are Simply Too Sweet For Words

So, those of us who have babies in our lives are very lucky right now. Why? Because we get to buy adorable baby stuff, of course!

For example, baby hats are some of the cutest, tiniest things on this earth, right? Well, imagine those precious hats, but imagine them being shaped like cupcakes. Yup, we have hit maximum adorableness, people.

Okay, I'm going to ease you into this.

I feel like you're going to need it, because I certainly almost died at how cute these hats are, let alone how extra cute they look on a newborn baby.

Oh. My. Goodness.

Look at those chubby cheeks! Look at that hat! Everything about this is too precious for words.

The hats are made by Etsy shop SkyeKnitsforBabies, and they come in multiple cupcake flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and red velvet!

The chocolate hats are to die for.

And here's some good news: the hats come in all sizes! You can get one for a newborn, babies, kids, and adults. Trust me, a toddler in this would be amazing.

They're all available on Etsy.

They start at $19.99 each and go up to $40 for adults (they are handmade, after all). Get them here, or browse other cupcake hat selections on Etsy from stores like CatilyCrochet!

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