10+ Movies And TV Shows That Got Us Through 2020

2020 wasn't an easy year for many of us. With political and social issues and an unprecedented global pandemic, it was hard not to feel stressed all the time.

Luckily, television and movies were there to provide us a brief escape from our own worries. Whether it was a comedy series, true crime documentary, or action movie, we all had media that helped us cope.

Here are the 10+ movies and TV shows that got us through 2020.

*The Queen's Gambit*

This compelling fictional series about a young orphan girl who becomes a chess master was just the inspiration we needed in 2020.

The main character of Beth was definitely compelling, and she was also allowed to be complex and flawed in a way that was refreshing to see.

*The Umbrella Academy*

Season two of Umbrella Academy dropped right in the middle of summer just when many people needed a good escape.

It's a show that's weird in all the right ways with amazing characters and great cinematography which made it the perfect way to cope for a few hours.

*Wonder Woman 1984*

While not everyone loved Wonder Woman 1984 and it might not have been as good as the original, it still provided a superhero movie in a year that had been devoid of them.

It was also great to finally be able to enjoy blockbuster movies and see that things could adapt.

*Happiest Season*

This holiday rom-com starring Kristen Stewart, Mackenzie Davis, and Aubrey Plaza had many fans divided.

While many people didn't like the ending, it was nice to have something to talk about and debate that wasn't nearly as dire as other things going on.

*Avatar: The Last Airbender*

This is a series that's over a decade old, but when it was put on Netflix, it provided a place for old and new fans alike to enjoy the series.

It's an incredibly well-made animated show, and fans also enjoyed being able to discuss it online and enjoy things like fan art.

*The Haunting of Bly Manor*

When times are hard, turning to the horror genre actually makes a lot of sense, especially when the series explores themes of love and grief.

Fans loved the second season of this horror anthology because it centered around beautiful love stories including the one between main characters Dani and Jamie.

*Schitt's Creek*

Schitt's Creek is both hilarious and heart-warming, and when the final season arrived on Netflix, many people found solace watching it.

The endings for the characters were perfect, and everyone loved seeing Patrick and David tie the knot and Alexis find her own way.


Finally having some long-awaited new movies released on streaming platforms was exciting for all of us as movie theaters have been shut down for so long in many areas.

While Soul wasn't perfect, it did help many people feel better about both the meaning of life as well as the idea of death.

*She-Ra and the Princesses of Power*

The final season of this She-Ra was everything fans hoped it would be.

It's a compelling and well-written series that fans of all ages can enjoy, and it also included groundbreaking representation for a children's series by including a romantic relationship between the main character and her former best friend.

*Murder On Middle Beach*


While it might seem strange, many people find that watching true crime documentaries helps them worry less about their own issues.

Murder On Middle Beach was one of the best of 2020. This is because it was made by the son of a woman who was murdered and showed his struggle to come to terms and find the truth of what happened to his mother.

*The Good Place*

The Good Place has had many strong seasons, but the final season wrapped up at the beginning of 2020.

Many people felt it provided both a great escape through comedy as well as inspiration about what humanity should be and how to cope with death.

*The Old Guard*

This Netflix movie based on a graphic novel was a fun action film, but what really made fans love it was that it had amazing LGBTQ+ representation that's barely ever seen in the genre.

Plus, it had Charlize Theron which definitely made it that much more enjoyable.

*What We Do In The Shadows*


The second season of this absolutely hilarious vampire comedy released this summer and left fans wanting more.

This series, which is a spin-off of the movie of the same name, makes fun of all the best tropes of the vampire genre.


Shonda Rhime's Regency-era drama based on the book series took the world by storm at the very end of 2020.

It was a campy, sexy, and fun series, and the character of Simon was so gorgeous and charming that fans just couldn't get enough.


Most people just don't have the ability to make it to a Broadway show, especially one as popular as Hamilton.

So, it was a big deal when a taped version of the production was put on Disney+. This allowed even more people to enjoy this exciting musical and be inspired by it.