We're Living For These Modern Disney Princess Sketches

We all love Disney princesses, but have you ever wondered what they'd look like today? Not wearing a corset and petticoat, for starters. Fernanda Suarez is a mega-talented illustrator and concept artist who has brought those curiosities to life with stunning sketches of modern Disney princesses.

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Instagram | @fdasuarez

Raja sure looks different now, doesn't he? Jasmine is as breathtaking as ever, with long, luscious black hair and a golden complexion that we're all envious over.


Instagram | @fdasuarez

Belle has a small dose of modern hipster, but not to the point where we find it overwhelming. Her rose-patchwork denim and a book in hand is so 2017 Belle. Don't you think?


Instagram | @fdasuarez

With fiery crimson beach waves, minimal makeup, and a small tattoo, Ariel is a modern beach babe, and I am so obsessed. How cute is that outfit, too? Forever 21 better take notes.

Snow White

Instagram | @fdasuarez

Classic style, but with a mysterious twist, don't you think? Loving that peek-a-boo shoulder top, in her signature blue hue, and of course, a poison apple as a casual snack.


Instagram | @fdasuarez

Mulan has the coolest street style in this sketch. You know she'd have an edgy, urban fashion blog and a killer Instagram to match. Her haircut and piercings are especially It Girl-esque.


Instagram | @fdasuarez

Cinderella is serving us unattainable, flawless #MessyBunGoals. She'd still totally be a princess at heart, but with a modern, preppier aesthetic that I totally support.


Instagram | @fdasuarez

Pocahontas is a natural beauty and doesn't need a drop of makeup to slay and look fierce. Her turquoise stone accessories and tribal tattoo pay homage to the original character we know and love.