Capitol Rioter Fired After Wearing His Company ID Badge To Raid

Although it was difficult to keep up with what was going on when intruders dressed in Trump paraphernalia raided the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday afternoon, enough of the dust from the matter has settled that we have a clearer picture of the consequences from that day.

As CNN reported, the incident has now seen a total of five fatalities that include a Capitol Police officer, one woman who was fatally shot while participating in the raid, and three others involved who suffered medical emergencies.

Yet those who made it into the Capitol complex unscathed are also beginning to face consequences, as 80 people have now been arrested in connection with the incident.

And as we're about to see, some of the rioters were easier to identify than others.

At the time of this writing, federal and local investigators are now scouring social media for footage to help them identify suspects in the Capitol attack.

That information comes to us from NBC News, who also reported that acting U.S. Attorney Mike Sherwin has charged 55 people, eight of whom face gun charges.

Among these eight was an individual who reportedly brought a military-style rifle and 11 molotov cocktails to the complex.

But at least one of the rioters involved has faced professional consequences for their actions before their legal issues become clear.

As Forbes reported, the man carrying the Trump flag to the right of the person in the horns and face paint has now found himself out of a job.

Unfortunately for him, he made his now-former place of work very easy to identify by wearing his company ID badge to the Capitol raid.

As NBC 4 reported, the management of Navistar Direct Marketing based in Frederick, Maryland, stated that they fired the man with cause after being alerted of his involvement.

In a statement written on Facebook, Navistar management explained their reasoning for the man's termination.

As they wrote, "While we support all [employees'] right to peaceful, lawful exercise of free speech, any employee demonstrating dangerous conduct that endangers the health and safety of others will no longer have an employment opportunity with Navistar Direct Marketing."

Although the firm didn't identify the man, they did state that they are cooperating with authorities.

As Forbes reported, Navistar has reached out to the FBI about him and he has been named as a person of interest by the D.C. police.

He is unlikely to be the only person involved who will experience similar consequences.

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